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A new start from L’Aquila for the “navigaresicuri” tour, the Telecom Italia initiative to enhance awareness in web use among children and parents

After the first autumn stage in November in Piedmont, Sardinia, Campania and Lazio, the tour by Navigare Sicuri starts again from L’Aquila to illustrate the secrets of web safety to students, teachers and parents

03/21/2011 - 02:30 PM

After the success achieved in its first stage, the tour by Telecom Italia’s Navigare Sicuri starts up again from L’Aquila to Telecom Italia to encourage children, students, teachers and parents to use the web with awareness and care. The initiative was presented today at the Gianni Rodari Comprehensive School in Sassa. Those present included Stefania Pezzopane, Councillor for Education, Youth Policies and Welfare of the city of L’Aquila, Mauro Fattore, Provincial Councillor for School Construction, Emanuele Fidora Director General for Studies, Statistics and Information Systems at the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, and Massimiliano Tarantino, Head of Telecom Italia Corporate Communication Projects.

Navigare Sicuri (www.navigaresicuri.org) (safe surfing) is the Telecom Italia national project launched in November to promote and extend the aware and responsible use of the Internet and digital media among children, young people and their educators. Starting from Turin, the Navigare Sicuri bus stopped in Nuoro, Cagliari, Naples, Salerno, Rome and Latina, covering over 6,000 km in seven months, and involving approximately 100,000 people throughout the country.

Today and tomorrow the Navigare Sicuri bus will be in L’Aquila with its team of experts. In the morning they will work with the students and teachers with lessons at the Gianni Rodari Comprehensive School in Sassa; in the afternoon, in Piazza Battaglione Alpini, there will be interactive initiative and the distribution of material specially designed for young people and adults. The bus will then stop in Pescara on March 23 - 25. 

The initiative has been conducted in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, with the support of the consolidated skills of the Fondazione Movimento Bambino and Save the Children. The aim is to help children to make use of the extraordinary potentials of new technologies and a resource for knowledge and for socialising, information and growth, will avoiding the risks as much as possible.

Thanks to the five multimedia terminals on the bus and an interactive blackboard made available by Olivetti, throughout the tour a team of experts will accompany the children, teachers and parents in a journey of fun and information for the discovery of the great ocean of the web. This year, the Navigare Sicuri project will also open to the social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, with its own pages giving information on the activities of the tour.

Children aged 5 to 10 are accompanied on the discovery of the web by Geronimo Stilton: by playing with Topazia’s cartoon characters, young and old will learn useful tips of have fun in perfect safety, protecting personal data, reporting risky situations to parents and interacting with adults to experience and share the great adventure of the web without worries.

Children aged 10 to 15 will be provided with contents that assume familiarity with the web, and above all a certain independence from their parents. The topics to be covered include some phenomena to which this age group is especially vulnerable: cyber bullying, contacting under false pretences and identity theft. The mascot Nick guides the young people through interactive games on awareness in web use. Three short films, produced in collaboration with the Holden School in Turin, illustrate some risky situations in which the young people may find themselves when using the web. Each video has an open ending with three options and invite viewers to reflect. The children themselves will choose online the ending that best completes the story.

Parents and teachers have a section for information and updating on the relationship between minors and the Internat. The contents have been produced by Telecom Italia with Save the Children, and the Fondazione Movimento Bambino under the guidance of teacher Maria Rita Parsi. This section also has an online consultancy service manned by specialised personnel.

L’Aquila, 21 March 2011


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