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Telecom Italia - EMC: The cloud storage service on demand to become available for Italian companies for the first time

The Telecom Italia “Nuvola Italiana” Cloud Computing services proposal broadens its offer with a new solution which allows companies to purchase the space they need to archive and save their data paying only when they actually use the space, with the option of automatically changing the quantity according to their needs

04/04/2011 - 11:32 AM

Telecom Italia and EMC, global leader in solutions and technologies for information management, have signed an agreement which, for the first time on the Italian market, will allow companies to access an innovative “on demand” Cloud Computing storage service. This new solution, which augments Telecom Italia’s “Nuvola Italiana” offer, is characterized by its flexibility and scalability, which allows companies to optimize their IT investments.  Telecom Italia’s Nuvola It Data Space service, which is based on EMC’s Atmos platform, permits companies to purchase the space that they need to archive and save their data, and pay only when the space is actually used (a pay as you go service), with the option of automatically changing the quantity according to their needs.

Nuvola It Data Space allows companies to save their data securely without needing to equip themselves with the necessary IT resources, space and know-how. The service, provided in IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) mode through Telecom Italia’s Data Centres, grants access to the stored data from any PC with a broadband connection and at a later date will be accessible even through Smartphones. Access to the service will be available through a web portal that allows the client to autonomous manage the data and it will be possible to get the report about the use of the service also by different people within the same company. Furthermore if the user requires assistance they can contact Telecom Italia’s Market Control Room, through the portal or a dedicated free-call number, which will guarantee the right control of the provision of the service.
Moreover MPLS connection options will be available, with safe access and guaranteed bandwidth, as well as disaster recovery, which will allow the duplication of the data in a far away location and the use of the duplicated data should unforeseen events occur.

The agreement to offer the Nuvola It Data Space reinforces the partnership between the two groups for the development of more business continuity and disaster recovery solutions in “as a service” mode, and permits Telecom Italia to broaden its “Nuvola Italiana” Cloud Computing services offer, reaffirming its role as leader in the national IT sector.

Milan, 4 April 2011


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