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Telecom Italia: Thanks to the agreement between Telecom Italia and Italy’s State Institute of Printing and Minting, Official Gazette now on

The catalog of Telecom Italia’s e-book store will soon include the publications of ’s State Institute of Printing and Minting.

05/26/2011 - 12:15 PM

Thanks to the agreement between Telecom Italia and Italy’s State Institute of Printing and Minting [Istituto Poligrafico and Zecca dello Stato], the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic – through which the legislative texts and public and private acts of the Italian Republic are disseminated and made official – is now available on, ’s first digital platform dedicated to the distribution and fruition of editorial content. This  important initiative is a further step towards bringing ’s citizens closer to public information and to State publications through the use of new technologies.

On users will be able to purchase, at cover price and by credit card payment, individual, certified issues of the Official Gazette in PDF format. The text-only version will be available on the Official Gazette  web site for 60 days from the date of issue.

The editions of the Official Gazette will be published on Telecom Italia’s e-book store according to the same schedule as the paper version. In addition to viewing it on PCs, users may view the document on tablets running the Andriod operating system via the “Biblet App”.

From the homepage users can directly access the section dedicated to the Official Gazette, where they may perform extensive searches on all published editions.

Users may browse the catalog and titles of the Official Gazette with both the Olivetti OliPad, the first Italian tablet that,  thanks to the Biblet App, can easily and directly access the online store, and with all other Android-based tablets.  


Rome, May 26, 2011



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