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“Italian sessions- Remaking Italy”, a series of encounters dedicated to the future of our country, will be starting at the great reparations workshop in turin, as part of the future station exhibition

The first appointment is scheduled for Tomorrow at 17.30, and will see writer Alessandro Baricco discuss what the future holds for Italy with journalist and TV presenter Daria Bignardi and author and high school teacher Paola Mastrocola



06/24/2011 - 12:55 PM

Tomorrow at 17.30 the “Italian Sessions- Remaking Italy” series of encounters, which are organized by Telecom Italia in collaboration with the Holden School, will begin. The encounters will be held at the Great Reparations Workshop on Corso Castelfidardo 22 in Turin, during the Future Station exhibition.

The project, which is a part of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification, promoted by Esperienza Italia, will involve entrepreneurs and innovators in collective debate about the future of our nation.

The first encounter, named “Wild lands of genius? Culture and school in the era of the barbarian”, will star Alessandro Baricco, who is a renowned fiction author  and wrote The Barbarians- Essay on the mutation, a treaty on new social scenarios, with which Baricco triggered an intense debate regarding the primary Italian media.

Baricco will debate with Daria Bignardi, who presents the television show The Barbaric Invasions on the LA7 channel and is also a keen and attentive observer of the ongoing cultural mutations, and Paola Mastrocola, a high school teacher and successful author who wrote “Togliamo il disturbo. Thesis on the freedom to not study”, in which she queries the necessity of scholastic institutions in our day and age. Furthermore the encounter will be animated by the performances of young artists and interactions with the audience. And the artistic director of the “Future Station Exhibition. We’re rebuilding Italy”, Riccardo Luna will also be present.

The encounters are free to attend, Entrance to the exhibition is free but places must be booked through the following e-mail italiansessions@telecomitalia.it.

Furthermore it’s possible to follow the Italian Sessions encounters live in streaming at the following web address www.italiansessions.it/ as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Turin,4 May 2011


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