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Telecom Italia: special care of the elderly with the “TIM Pony for solidarity 2011” initiative

Also in Palermo, with the sponsorship of the City of Palermo, Associations will take care of senior citizens who have been left alone in town.

08/03/2011 - 11:20 AM

This year, as always, Telecom Italia will help the City of Palermo in their efforts not to leave senior citizens alone as they stay in town whilst the city empties during the summer holidays, thanks to the project “TIM Pony for Solidarity”.  This initiative aims to help the elderly in their day-to-day lives, providing company when dealing with any emergencies caused by the heat.

The initiative “TIM Pony for Solidarity”, in cooperation with the Social Policy Municipal Department Union, in Palermo, is accomplished with the ‘Quadrifoglio’ Association.  Young people belonging to the Association, who have been providing this service for several editions, will be able to bring some support to the elderly who have been left alone in town during the summer period.

The service will be running from 1st August to 30th September, including mid-August Bank Holiday, from 9am to 8pm, by calling the number 091.6726046.  It will provide senior citizens asking for it, support for the home delivery of essential goods they may be in need of, handling daily chores and basic food shopping, in order to prevent them from having to go out in strong summer heat.

Ponies taking part in the TIM Solidarity initiative are equipped with a mobile phone in order to make it easy to contact them and satisfy requirements of elderly people who have requested the service.  By activating the Ponies, senior citizens can also ask for company and have their needs connected to medical assistance and the purchase of medicine taken care of.

The Project “TIM Pony for Solidarity” has been taking place for over ten years and has been successfully renewed.  It satisfies the requirements of thousands of calls and ensures a quick and safe service for the elderly during the hottest months of the year.

Telecom Italia, in line with its traditional commitment in the fields of social work and sustainability, takes part in many “digital inclusion” initiatives, aimed at the weakest members of the population, by providing them with technology and experience, staying close to citizens and supporting social initiatives throughout the entire national territory.

This initiative is sponsored by the City of Palermo.

Palermo, 29th July 2011



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