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Avaya and Telecom Italia’s Nuvola Italiana

09/27/2011 - 04:00 PM

Avaya and Telecom Italia today announced their collaboration to provide the Cloud Computing-based Nuvola IT Ready Contact offer for the Contact Center (CC) sector on the Italian market. An innovative Unified Communications & Collaboration solution, aimed at developing and promoting advanced communication tools in businesses, is also being prepared for Nuvola Italiana.

Telecom Italia provides a Cloud infrastructure that manages the complexities, costs and risks associated with ITC platforms, leaving companies free to focus on their business without the need to equip themselves with dedicated infrastructures and know-how, thus allowing theit IT investments to be optimized.

Telecom Italia’s Cloud Contact Center offer, Nuvola IT ReadyContact, based on Avaya technology, is aimed at businesses looking for a complete, on-demand Contact Center service, for both inbound and outbound services. Nuvola IT ReadyContact is a  Hub for managing and organizing all channels of communication of a customer, from email to SMS, from phone calls to video, to interaction with social networks and management platforms, keeping track of all contacts and enabling the acquisition, distribution and updating of company information regardlesws of what means of access (such as PC, handheld device, tablet, desktop, etc.) is used.

Specifically, this new solution will further enable businesses to make use of the most innovative technologies available today on the market in the Contact Center sector, without the expenses and investments associated with acquiring and maintaning the necessary infrastructures, including the management of their obsolescence.  
Businesses will be able to choose from a wide range of services specifically designed to meet customers’ actual needs and to guarantee the utmost degree of security and reliability in providing services  that Telecom Italia can provide thanks to its long experience and capillary, leading-edge national infrastructure.

In Telecom Italia’s Nuvola Italiana, in addition to the Hosted Contact Center solution, Avaya will also participate in providing the Unified Communication and Collaboration solution, which will enable users to communicate through various media both inside and outside of the company through a single advanced and intuitive interface.  

“Avaya technology, thanks to its specific and distinctive capability of managing and combining several technologies”, stated Stefano Nocentini, Telecom Italia’s Head of Marketing for Top Clients, “will enable Telecom Italia to further enrich its Nuvola Italiana offer. For our customers, becoming part of Nuvola Italiana means they will enjoy the best IT and telecommunications infrastructure and services from the leading domestic and international players, among which Avaya plays an important role, especially in Unified Communication services. The Cloud is growing day by day, and our collaboration with Avaya will encourage this growth even more”.

“Avaya’s collaboration with Telecom Italia relative to the Contact Centers in Nuvola Italiana provided through the ReadyContact offer will increase through the development of a Cloud-based Unified Communication and Collaboration solution that reflects the solidity that Avaya has always stood for and the flexibility that the new market of Cloud-based services calls for. At Avaya we are certain that the combination of the innovation of our technology and Telecom Italia’s excellence in the telecommunications field as a provider of services based on innovative technology and turnkey solutions will provide the best answer to the market demand that has been changing significantly in the past few months”, stated Avaya Italia CEO Gianluca Attura. “In fact, the currently difficult economic climate has forced businesses to slow down their investments for upgrading their infrastructures and improving the quality of services offered, with an invetable negative impact on the nation’s structural growth. We believe that, through this new solution, businesses can count on a new business model that, even in such difficult times, enables them to continue providing innovative services to their customers while generally keeping costs down”.

Rome, September 27, 2011


Information on Avaya

Avaya, world leader in providing business communications solutions and systems, provides unified communications, contact center and networking solutions and all related services to public and private companies, bodies and organizations of all sizes throughout the world. For more information:

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