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Telecom Italia: the campaign for the new Nuvola Italiana services starts today, “The only Cloud with the web inside”

10/11/2011 - 11:00 AM

The new advertising campaign is starting today for Telecom Italia’s Nuvola Italiana, the Cloud computing service enabling businesses and the civil service to set up virtual infrastructures and IT applications.

This technological revolution makes platforms and services available on an “on demand” and “pay for use” basis, thus enabling companies to further optimise costs and performance levels, thanks to the availability of constantly updated solutions, and without having to invest in dedicated IT resources and specialised know-how.

Planned a year after the launch of Nuvola Italiana on the market, the new campaign is based on the new services and applications made available by Telecom Italia to companies (Nuvola It Virtual Desktop, Nuvola It Mobile Apps and Nuvola It Data Space), thus further enhancing its portfolio of offers in the area of Cloud computing.

The focal point in the advertising is summed up by the claim: “Telecom Italia’s Nuvola Italiana. The only cloud with the web inside,” which states that the Telecom Italia solution is the only real Cloud computing system in Italy designed to guarantee the reliability and security required by businesses, thanks to the combination of web and computer infrastructures allowing the management of the service on an end to end basis, and with high quality levels.

The campaign, commissioned to DLV BBDO, consists of four creative aspects:

An institutional announcement, in which the message is given a creative impact by two hands near to each other. The traditional white cloud is hanging from one hand, while on the other hand a set of red wires forms a second cloud, as the representation of the Telecom Italia network. The title supporting the idea is: “With Nuvola Italiana you have everything you need to link your business to the future”. The concept expressed by this title is that Telecom Italia’s is the only Cloud service that is as light as a cloud and with the solidity of the Telecom Italia network;

An announcement dedicated to the Nuvola It Mobile Apps offer, specifically aimed at those who use mobile access. The mobile version of Nuvola Italiana enables customers not only to utilise applications to improve mobile operation quality, but also have real time access to corporate resources and to allow automatic data management. This is why the creative idea shows office folders replaced by the lightness of a Cloud, since digitalised catalogues are available any time on the web and on tablets. The header supporting the offer is “With Nuvola Italiana the catalogues go into the Cloud, the orders go onto your Tablet and you work wherever you want.”

A creative element dedicated to the offer Nuvola It Data Space, the Nuvola Italiana storage service dedicated to businesses, resident in the Telecom Italia Data Center. It provides the space necessary for reliable and secure storage of corporate data. The visual expresses the level of security for the data entrusted to Telecom Italia. The creative idea is a vault, a place to keep valuable items, such as corporate information. The header states; “With Nuvola It Data Space you only take the space you need, with all the security of the server.”

A creative element dedicated to the Nuvola It Virtual Desktop solution, thanks which the computer is transformed into a virtual workplace, accessible using any device equipped with broadband connectivity. The creative idea is to make a metaphor out of access to your office from anywhere. We thus see a manager entering his office through a door, which represents the Nuvola It Virtual Desktop service, and the Nuvola Italiana services. The header is “With the Nuvola It Virtual Desktop the office will no longer have any boundaries.”

Besides newspapers and periodicals, the campaign is also planned for billboards, web and radio.  

The campaign is provided by the executive creative managers Stefania Siani and Federico Pepe, assistant creative managers Valentina Amenta and Davide Fiori, copywriter Gennaro Borrelli and art director Luca Iannucci. Photography by Lorenzo Vitturi and Francesco Van Straten Post-production by Davide Calluori. As for the tutorial videos, illustration is by Matteo Nuti, with director Manu Gerosa. For radio, the producers are Eccetera.
The planning of the campaign is by Mec.

Milan, 11 October 2011


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