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Telecom Italia: through “FUTURAFRANCESCA” the internet will write the next institutional ad for the web

Telecom Italia has made a special website for its Social Advertising:

10/26/2011 - 05:30 PM

Telecom Italia has entrusted the internet to come up with its next institutional advertisement for the web. Through its website the company has adopted the social advertising approach to write a new chapter in the story which had inspired the 2011 institutional advertisement campaign with the claim “Emotions do not change. The way in which we communicate them does”. The commercial, directed by Sam Mendes, narrated the life of a woman, from her childhood in the 50’s through to the present day, marked by the development of the technological means with which we share our lives, from the house phone made in Bakelite plastic to the ever more popular tablet. The new story born from this social storytelling recounts the life of Francesca and the communication tools with which she will share her life and experiences in the future.

When we think of the future, what new and wonderful means of communication do we envision? In how many different ways will technology bring us closer together? How will it improve our lives?
These are the questions the website’s users are called to answer, having until November 7th to contribute to the writing of the script for the advertisement project which will give us a glimpse of the future. An ad born entirely online, tailored for the World Wide Web.

In order to take part in this collective storytelling users have to subscribe to the “Futura Francesca” website ( For each participant 7 cards will be made available on their personal page. The cards contain narrative inspiration for the different phases of the protagonist’s life.

Each chapter of the story can be voted on by the users, through both the website itself and the social networks. The 77 stories which will have garnered the most followers by the end of the competition shall participate in the final, when a quality Jury will choose the best seven, whose creators will be rewarded with an Olipad 110 (WiFi+3g).

The best scenes from the seven winning stories will be used to create Telecom Italia’s next institutional ad for the internet.

The Jury includes highly creative individuals such as; director Daniele Lucchetti, STV DDB’s creative director Aurelio Tortelli, reporter Luca de Biase and author Francesco Dimitri.

To find out more about the competitions and its rules visit the website:


Rome, 26 October 2011


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