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Telecom Italia: today in Rome, inauguration of the creche in via of Val Cannuta

11/08/2011 - 01:45 PM

A new company crèche facility was inaugurated this morning in Rome, in the Telecom Italia building in Via of Val Cannuta 186. The inauguration of the facility, hosting 42 children on Monday through Friday from 7.30 to 19.00, was held with Antonio Migliardi, Head of Telecom Italia Human Resources and Organization, Daniele Giannini, President of the XVIII Municipal District of Rome, and Roberto Valci, Councillor for Scholastic Policies of the XVIII Municipal District of Rome.

The crèche at the workplace is an initiative of the People Caring Project launched by Telecom Italia, and has among its objectives the favouring of balance between life and work for the employees.

We are very pleased to announce today the opening of this new facility in the city of Rome – said Antonio Migliardi, Head of Telecom Italia Human Resources and Organization. Our aim is to respond with concrete initiatives to the need of personnel with young children and who in some cases do shift work. The company will accompany the employees’ children on a path fro growth and education with various initiatives, and support people with children of up to 3 years old with crèches; this is the first important tangible help on this path which continues with summer holiday stays and scholarships abroad, and concludes with the reimbursement of the first year registration fees for University.”

This brings up to nine the crèches located in Telecom Italia offices throughout Italy (Milan, Turin, Naples, Ancona, Catanzaro, Palermo and 3 in Rome), as well as four external facilities used under agreements (Turin, Padua and 2 in Rome), hosting a total of 400 children. The choice of each location has been made after a careful evaluation of the characteristics of the employees there (average age of employees, number of children aged up to three, women), giving priority to call center facilities and workplaces where there are more young people and women, and places located in cities without an adequate range of services. The crèches host the employees’ children, between the ages of 3 months and 3 years, with highly flexible time slots designed to meet the needs of the workers.

The Telecom Italia People Caring Project, besides proposing and managing many activities dedicated to employees’ children, offers a number of services particularly designed to enhance parenthood  (maternity and paternity) such as time flexibility (leave for mothers and fathers), economic support (loans, reimbursements), various family support services (besides the company crèches, the traditional summer holidays and study tours abroad, scholarships and Time Saving services for bureaucratic chores.

Rome, 8 November 2011


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