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Telecom Italia at TOSM

Telecom Italia confirms its commitment to the develop and promote innovative services based on ICT and on broadband tlcs networks for citizens, public administrations and businesses.


New ICT solutions of Nuvola Italiana for making businesses more efficient and competitive, along with services for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, proposed in support of Turin’s Smart City candidacy, available through the Group’s Data Centers and broadband infrastructures

11/16/2011 - 06:00 PM

At Tosm 2011 Telecom Italia presents Nuvola Italiana, the only cloud with the internet inside characterized by ICT solutions provided “as a service” through Telecom Italia’s data centers and broadband infrastructures. Telecom Italia is showcasing a wide range of technologically innovative services capable of increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of businesses and public administrations, freeing them from the task of IT management. The infrastructures, platforms and IT applications presented by Telecom Italia include, for example, solutions for the virtualization of servers, data and desktops, high-definition videoconferencing services and advanced applications that are also available for tablets and smartphones.

For Public Administrations, Telecom Italia, in its role of technological partner of the City of Turin, presents its innovative Smart services, in support of Turin’s candidacy as Smart City, and already adopted in Domodossola and in other towns in the Piedmont region. Based on the interconnection of public street lighting with telecommunications networks, they enable the deployment of innovative services such as the remote management of public street lighting, video surveillance, WiFi, public announcements and the management of tourist information and mobility.

Many of Telecom Italia’s Nuvola Italiana ICT solutions are present at Tosm in an ample display area that includes a demo point where customers can find out more.

Among the cloud solutions dedicated to businesses, Telecom Italia presents Nuvola It Mobile Apps, the portfolio of services providing mobile usability to core business applications on tablets and smartphones. With Nuvola It Mobile Apps, vendors can, for example, turn their hard-copy catalog into a digital one on a tablet and input an order in real time, also receiving the customer’s signature on a virtual order form.  The cloud infrastructural solutions include Ospit@ Virtuale and Hosting Evoluto, the virtualized hosting solutions aimed respectively at small and medium businesses and large companies, capable of hosting all of the customers’ applications and of adapting over time to changing needs in terms of processing power, storage and bandwidth. These solutions provide customers with a virtual server accessible through any personal computer with an internet connection, ensuring that their data and company applications are easily accessible when on the move. Nuvola It IntoucHD is the advanced intra-Company and inter-Company HD videoconferencing solution provided via Telecom Italia’s Data Centers. It is entirely flexible, interoperable, ready to use and capable of supporting high-definition  standards.

Nuvola It Virtual Desktop is the solution that enables businesses, through the virtualization of personal computers, to move applications and information from individual workstations to a platform hosted on Telecom Italia’s Data Centers and to make them accessible to their users on the basis of operational needs on any terminal with a broadband connection, either fixed or mobile. Access to applications is possible through both PCs and tablets already owned by the company and thin clients, i.e. optionally available terminals with no installed applications and low processing power that allow the remote management of available IT resources.

The Nuvola It Data Space service enables businesses to purchase the storage space they need on a pay-as-you-go basis, with the possibility of automatically varying its size as required. The service, provided as an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) through Telecom Italia’s Data Centers, enables customers to access their data from any PC equipped with a broadband connection and through smartphones.

Nuvola It Energreen is a real-time system for the remote management of electrical power consumption and of main environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity of industrial facilities and offices, designed to help businesses lower their energy consumption. Thanks to its web-based interface, businesses can keep track of the energy efficiency and environmental conditions of monitored sites. Installation of the monitoring system does not require wiring, power interruptions or the presence of specialized personnel, ensuring low investment and operational costs.

Telecom Italia also presents TIPAM (Telecom Italia Performance Application Management), the service that enables businesses – even ones with multiple offices – to remotely and automatically manage the traffic of applications that are available on their WANs, optimizing their performance.

Telecom Italia also presents Nuvola It Message Cube, the solution that provides customers with mailing, advanced messaging, web collaboration and real-time collaboration services, combining the market’s leading products in a Unified Communication environment. The solution, which is entirely customizable, modular and scalable, is accessible in a simple and economic way and is offered on the market as Software as a Service (SaaS), thanks to the service infrastructure of Telecom Italia’s Data Centers.

To meet companies’ needs for dematerialization, Telecom Italia presents the MyDOCS powered by Olivetti solution for the electronic management and storage of documents. Provided “on demand” through Telecom Italia’s Data Centers, the service is complemented by innovative handwritten signature recognition functionality (by signing on special tablets), managed by advanced equipment that allows even the validation phase to be dematerialized while providing certainty that a signature is associated with the person writing it.

In a dedicated corner, Telecom Italia also presents its latest services for the baking sector. Firma Sicura Mobile is the innovative Telecom Italia service for digitally signing through a mobile phone, as an alternative to the classic systems such as smart cards or tokens. The system guarantees the signature’s owner that operations are conducted securely and with strong authentication.

Contratto Digitale is an easy to use service that enables documents to be dematerialized at their origin. It is based on interaction between specific software and a digital pen based on OCR technology that even contains an ink refill, that enables users to  actually write, thus maintaining the full availability of the paper document (whose original copy is written and signed). This solution’s distinctive feature is that the dematerialized document is immediately available a few seconds after being written and signed, for all purposes of the company’s internal use, while the customer can keep the usual hand-signed paper copy.                                                                                                            

Telecom Italia’s services dedicated to Public Administrations include solutions for the intelligent management of territories and buildings, for the digitalization of the healthcare system and IT applications for the tourist sector.

Specifically, for the intelligent management of territories Telecom Italia presents its Smart Services based on the Smart Town platform, that make use of the public street lighting grid and latest-generation transmission technologies that do not require new wiring to be laid down, providing benefits in terms of lower power consumption, environmental sustainability and the possibility of value-added services for public administrations and citizens for remotely managing public street lighting (Smart Energy), video surveillance (Smart Surveillance), WiFi (Smart Communication) and public service announcements, along with the management of tourist information and mobility (Smart Advertising).

For public administrations, the adoption of Smart Town solutions provides an innovative model of economic self-sustainability that can set off a virtuous cycle, given that the possible savings, which can be up to 30-40%, enable public administrations to free up funds for further investments in innovation that can benefit the territory.

Telecom Italia also presents Smart Building, the innovative building management solution. It enables the management of alarm systems, the monitoring of lighting, video surveillance, the monitoring of power consumption, control of lighting and electrical loads and multimedia communications inside buildings. The service is based on the use of the existing electrical system to which sensors and actuators are connected that, through a control unit installed on the electrical cabinet, dialogue with the central platform in charge of building management installed at Telecom Italia’s Data Centers. The Smart Building solution is especially suited to buildings where it would be difficult to carry out masonry works, such as museums, historical buildings, hospitals and many government buildings.

For the digitalization of the healthcare system and, more specifically, to meet the new needs of general practitioners who operate in associated practice and in order to optimize their relationship with patients, Telecom Italia has created Nuvola It Medical Open. It is a web-based application that is provided as “Software as a Service”, whose functionalities enable the management of medical examination bookings, the planning of therapies and outpatient treatment.

Finally, through the application for multimedia kiosks and smartphones developed by Telecom Italia, it is possible to access information on scheduled events that include those related to the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy.

With this initiative, Telecom Italia confirms its commitment to the development and promotion of innovative services based on Information & Communication Technology and on broadband telecommunications networks for the benefit of citizens, public administrations and businesses.

Turin, November, 16, 2011


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