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Telecom Italia: “Internet play” the internet connection dedicated to online gaming is ready to launch

On-line gaming enthusiasts can now take full advantage of the new ADSL connection, with lag time reduced by 40%

11/30/2011 - 03:30 PM

Telecom Italia launches “Internet Play”, the new solution dedicated to on-line gamers, enhances ADSL connection performances by reducing lag time, the time it takes a remote server to respond, by up to 40%.

 “Internet Play”, the new internet service dedicated to on-line gamers, will be available from tomorrow. The new connection allows all Telecom Italia clients who love on-line multiplayer games, both for PC and consoles, to have a far more compelling experience through a more reactive broadband connection which is more appropriate to their needs. “Internet Play” is the best way for gamers to sate their hunger for online adventure, even with multiple players at the same time.      
“Internet Play” optimizes the so-called “latency” or PING parameter, significantly reducing response time increasing gamers’ competitiveness and responsiveness.

Telecom Italia offers its customers the opportunity to test “Internet Play” for free with no obligation to buy for the first month, without the costs of withdrawal, to allow all gamers to appreciate its potential.

“Internet Play” can be activated after verification of the service’s availability on all Telecom Italia flat 7 Mega and Superinternet (10 and 20 Mega) ADSL profiles at a cost of 3 Euros per month (until 30th November 2012 the first month will be free).

Rome, 30th November 2011



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