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Telecom Italia: “Futura Francesca”, the new spot for the web, is here

On line from tomorrow 14 February the short made by the web for the web

02/13/2012 - 03:15 PM

From tomorrow 14 February, “Futura Francesca”, the new Telecom Italia spot entirely made by the web for the web, will be on line. The short film is the result of the social advertising contest launched by the company last October, when web surfers were asked to imagine how Francesca, the girl starring in the final scene of the 2011 corporate campaign, would communicate as she grows up. The new spot repeats the claim “Emotions don’t change, but the way of expressing them does”, venturing this time into a future consisting of the new technologies that will be with the girl in her life.

The community’s Story Telling, developed on the website futurafrancesca.telecomitalia.com, was a great success on the web, with nearly 700 authors enthusiastically participating in the contest, presenting new forms of communication and imagining innovative ways for Francesca to stay in touch with other people in the various stages of her life.

The spot, by young director Tak Kuroha, shows little Francesca who dreams of being an astronaut, grows up and launches into a world of fantasy: a future full of excitement, innovation and space travel.

The reality represented in the spot is inspired by the mood and technologies imagined by numerous authors of the community. We are beyond the Internet: the future has extended, pervasive communication integrated in the environment and the body. There is no longer any distinction between the virtual and the real world, holograms become our playmates, mirrors and walls put us into real contact with distant persons, a train window photographs a fine landscape and sends it to anyone we want.

“Futura Francesca” is the result of the creative development of scenes or situations taken from the winning stories of the contest, selected by a quality jury consisting of experts in the sector like film director Daniele Luchetti, STVDDB creative director Aurelio Tortelli, journalist Luca deBiase and writer Francesco Dimitri. The 7 winning screenplays are by Angelomo, Clacelyn, Fantasia, Il cappellaio matto, Letiziax, P3luc and Petalorosa.

Rome, 13 February 2012


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