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Telecom Italia: 'Navigare Insieme' is arriving in Rome, the national project that brings over 60 year-olds closer to the internet

From the 5th March eight alphabetization courses will begin to take place in Lazio's capital city. They will be held by young people within secondary schools. Registrations have already started.

03/02/2012 - 12:00 PM

'Navigare insieme' will arrive in Rome on the 5th March. It is a project undertaken by Telecom Italia which aims to promote the use of new communication technologies amongst over 60-year-olds. Secondary school pupils will accompany older generations  in their discovery of the secrets of the Web by using a simple language and a series of multimedia interactions that allow for a first approach to information technology.

Pupils will take their places behind the teacher's desk to speak about the internet, social networks and all the opportunities digital technology is capable of providing, leading effectively to a complete generational exchange of information. 

'Navigare Insieme', has been developed with the collaboration of 'Informatici Senza Frontiere' (computer scientists without borders), Auser and 'Confagricoltura pensionati'. 12 Italian cities will take part in the project: along with Rome also Turin, Cagliari, Trento, Venice, Parma, Pisa, Ancona, Milan, Bari, Naples and Palermo. Within these cities internet training centres will be opened in which over 60-year-olds will be able to experiment and come to terms with the use of digital technology and at the same time receive assistance and support by qualified staff.

Rome will be hosting two courses in each of the four schools that have agreed to take part in the project: Alberto Sordi Secondary school (5th and 14th March), G.G. Belli Institute (12th and 13th March), Liceo Scientifico Talete (19th March and 16th April) and Salvio d'Acquisto Secondary school (11th April and 9th May)

The courses will last three weeks and it is possible to apply to them by sending an email to or by calling the freephone number 800563669.

‘Navigare Insieme’  aims to break those barriers that prevent the older generation from coming to terms with the internet, help them to abandon any doubts and insecurities they may have towards the digital world and aid them in discovering how the world wide web can effectively change their lives. With this in mind didactic material has been developed with the collaboration of 'Informatici Senza Frontiere' and the Holden school in Turin.

One will be able to learn, for example, how to open an email account, chat with friends, book a holiday and interact with the public administration through the internet.

These tasks will be introduced by the four main characters of the sit com 'Siamo Nonni Smart' (We are smart grandparents), which has been developed exclusively for 'Navigare Insieme': ten episodes available to view on '', in which the relationship between younger and older generations develops on the one hand into an appreciation of digital technology and on the other hand into the tender relationship with their nephews and nieces on all of those aspects of daily life currently encountered by adolescents. 

The web site '' is also a blog which acts as a useful source of information entirely dedicated to the older generation's relationship with the internet.

A facebook page for'Navigare Insieme'  is available. It allows it's users to keep up to date and moreover to appreciate all the interactions and exchanges possible on other social networks which are also a part of the initiative, such as: Twitter and youtube. 

Rome, 2nd March 2012


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