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Telecom Italia: tomorrow in Palermo the over 60-year-olds and internet coaches who took part in the “Navigare Insieme” project will be awarded a certificate of participation

At the “Scuola Media Gramsci” the certificates of participation will be awarded during the ceremony that marks the end of the “Navigare Insieme” courses.

05/02/2012 - 04:00 PM

Young teachers and over 60-year-olds who took part in the project will be awarded a certificate of participation during the end-of-course ceremony.  The event will take place tomorrow at 7pm in the “Scuola Media Gramsci” located in “Via Gaetano la Loggia”.

The objective of “Navigare Insieme” was to encourage the older generation to familiarise with new communication technologies and it took place in four institutes located in Palermo (“Scuola Media Gramsci, Scuola Media Cipolla, Scuola Media Marconi and Istituto Tecnico Volta”). The project’s aim was for young students of secondary schools to assist over 60-year-olds to familiarize with the web and the opportunities it can provide. This was achieved by using a series of multimedia interactions coupled with an easy to understand language.

The project has seen young students sitting at the teacher’s desks: introducing social networks, the internet and the associated opportunities for older generations. This has encouraged an exchange amongst generations during which the youngsters have assisted over 60-year-olds in overcoming any fears they might have had towards the internet and digital technologies in general, while at the same time explaining how such technologies are able to positively change their lives.

The ‘Navigare Insieme’ project and its courses were organized in collaboration with “Informatici senza frontiere” (Computer scientists without borders), Auser, and Confagricoltura pensioners. It has taken place in 12 Italian cities (Cagliari, Turin, Milan, Trento, Venice, Parma, Pisa, Ancona, Rome, Bari, Naples, and Palermo). In each of these cities specific information technology training centres will be established where the older generation can experiment with the use of digital technologies with the assistance of specialized personnel.

The journey towards the discovery of the World Wide Web will continue online at:

Palermo, 2nd May 2012


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