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Telecom Italia launches Cloud partnership

Through this new collaboration model, IT partner companies will be able to integrate Nuvola Italiana’s infrastructural services with their own application solutions and offer them directly to their clients.

05/08/2012 - 01:10 PM

Telecom Italia is launching Cloud partnership, a new collaboration model through which IT partner companies, that have agreed to take part in the initiative, can acquire platforms, competences and certifications to develop application solutions on Telecom Italia’s “Nuvola Italiana” and offer them directly to their customers. 

With this initiative, Telecom Italia aims to consolidate its national leadership in the market of Cloud Services which is growing strongly from a potential perspective.

As part of “Nuvola Italiana’s” solutions, a specific range of infrastructural services (IaaS) will be made available to IT partner companies which will be able to access computational resources and the necessary storage space to develop application solutions to support business processes which they can then independently make available on the market “as a service”.

Companies adhering to the initiative will benefit from several advantages reserved to partners such as: particularly advantageous conditions for buying cloud solutions, access to tools dedicated to managing IT resources, use of the “Powered by Nuvola Italiana” logo for promotional purposes and visibility within “Nuvola Italiana’s” market place. 

IT partners can independently modify the characteristics of the (IaaS) solutions bought, therefore adapting them in real-time to the IT needs they or their clients may have. Moreover, a training course for partner IT companies and a specific certification plan of the competences acquired relative to infrastructural solutions of Telecom Italia’s “Nuvola Italiana” are a part of the initiative (for more information visit: www.nuvolaitaliana.it)

With Cloud partnership Telecom Italia completes its strategy to develop its commercial channel dedicated to IT. This is achieved by collaborating with the best companies of the sector, that are able to offer the most recent and advanced solutions which are then targeted towards the following client sectors:

  • Small and medium sized businesses, with the “IT IS” (Information Technology “Impresa Semplice”) partnership program
  • Medium-sized and big companies, with the “Powered by Nuvola Italiana” partners.

Rome, 8th May 2012


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