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Telecom Italia presents its innovative services to digitalize the nation, its health and bureaucracy systems through Nuvola Italiana at the PA (Public Administration) 2012 forum

The “graphometric” signature verification system to simplify all administration certification procedures, a service to dematerialize and store diagnostic tests, a platform to create a model for a Smart and environmentally sustainable city, are just a few of the innovations presented this year by Telecom Italia and provided in cloud mode through “Nuvola Italiana”.

Pavilion 7 – Stands 19 A and 19 B

05/16/2012 - 12:15 PM

Telecom Italia is presenting, at the PA 2012 forum, new information and communication technology services purposely developed for both central and local public administrations. These services can improve the PA’s efficiency, simplify their processes and optimize their costs while improving the lives of citizens through “Nuvola Italiana” a cloud computing platform capable of providing these services.

These services include: Innovative Smart services for a smart city model, solutions to save energy, increased security, digitalization of processes of national management, computerization of schools, services to support police forces, telemedicine platforms, applications to electronically manage medical records and operations, specific services for tourism, new solutions for a digitalization of bureaucratic procedures and innovative applications to communicate with citizens on the move.

With “Nuvola Italiana” Telecom Italia provides a model for “Open Government” by making a wide range of flexible and powerful solutions available to citizens and to public administrations. These solutions rely on the telecommunications network as the fundamental player in the provision of ICT services and able to guarantee their “end to end” management while maintaining high levels of quality, reliability and security. This is achieved through Telecom Italia’s distinctive assets: seven national data centres connected with each other by a high speed network, highly specialised service centres capable of providing the level of service clients expect and a cloud platform based on the latest virtualization technologies.

Solutions and services for the creation of a “Smart City” model:

In the area dedicated to a smart city, Telecom Italia introduces an innovative suite of smart services from “Nuvola Italiana” for the creation of an Intelligent City. The main focus is on Telecom Italia’s Smart Town platform. It is based on the use of public streetlights integrated with and connected to telecommunications networks through conveyed waves. In such a way innovative services can be implemented to manage certain areas and relevant energy saving strategies. Telecom Italia makes smart town services available through cloud computing. Local authorities are therefore not required to perform any infrastructural changes and a wide range of value adding services can be implemented: from remote management of public lighting, to CCTV services and urban safety, to wireless internet access and the ability to communicate in real-time with citizens. Telecom Italia also introduces the “Wireless Patrol Sicurezza 2.0” service to increase the well-being and safety of communities. The service encourages police forces, citizens and local authorities to actively take part in public administration by notifying situations of urban and environmental decay and problems linked to road safety, simply by using a smart-phone, tablet or PC.

 eTourism is a national system for tourism with an integrated platform capable of strengthening the competitiveness of this particular sector. Regions, provinces, art cities and organisers of archaeological, cultural, and “local wine and food” routes will be able to make use of a dedicated interactive guide. The service will therefore improve the tourist’s experience enriching it through multimedia and interactivity.

Solutions and services for the citizen:

Digital Health service:

One of the solutions presented by Telecom Italia, within the digital health services area, is “Nuvola IT Image Archiving”. It meets the market demands that call for a dematerialization and storage of diagnostic tests (digital images) and of health service documents (medical reports, certificates etc.) This solution simplifies a process which is both complex and compulsory by law such as storing a patient’s personal data and medical history. The service has been developed to adapt to all health departments and meets all standard requirements.

A big area is dedicated to “Nuvola It Home Doctor” to develop telemedicine in hospitalization and for activities linked to domestic assistance: monitoring patients, performing medical visits, writing medical reports, diagnosis etc. Through this service the vital parameters can be monitored through telematics so patients can be kept under control off-site.

The application platform is provided through “Nuvola Italiana” and is located in Telecom Italia’s data centres guaranteeing high elaboration speeds, security and privacy of personal information. In 2010 the service was awarded the “Premio dei premi” for innovation in the TLC driven category.

Among other Telecom Italia solutions as far as health services are concerned is “Nuvola It wi-doctor”, a group of solutions developed to efficiently manage electronic medical records. Sanitary departments can manage a patient’s medical records and information, (from when he is admitted to the hospital until he leaves it), on portable devices (tablets, I-PAD etc.) and on the move. These devices can be used instead of traditional paper medical reports. 

Digital Bureaucracy:

Nuvola IT Digisign, is a solution for “graphometric” signatures, presented by Telecom Italia with Olivetti. It satisfies the market’s demand for a safe, user friendly, electronic signature device. It is zoom-able and complies with the different digital certifications available. Thanks to cloud services of documental management and substitutive storage on the MyDocs platform and to those services relating to certification authorities, “Nuvola IT Digisign” can be used to sign all documents accepted by the CAD (Digital Administration Code) from the simplest to the most complex signature. A mobile version of “Nuvola IT Digisign” has recently been implemented as an “on the move” solution, by using Olivetti’s specific Olipad Graphos tablets which can acquire the signature of clients and users on its display. It can also identify all “graphometric” parameters necessary to guarantee the authenticity of the person’s signature.

In addition to Digisign, Telecom Italia’s advanced services provide information concerning justice and administration, through “Nuvola It Easy Law”. It is an online juridical journal with simple, immediate and complete information relative to the nation’s legal service panorama and that of the European Union Community focusing particularly on Public administration, associations, citizens, businesses and justice professionals.

In conclusion “Nuvola IT Mobile Apps” is a service that combines cloud computing benefits with the most advanced data speed performance that mobile networks can offer through smart-phone and tablet devices. Telecom Italia’s range of services are targeted at businesses and administrations that wish to increase the productivity of their personnel or to interact with citizens, using advanced tools of communication and information.

Telecom Italia’s mobile Apps can be personalised according to the client’s special needs and its users can make use of technologically advanced services such as, advanced caring and education. Developments and personalisation both of the graphical interface and of the functionalities, integration with legacy platforms of the client and /or with particular technologies and /or devices are also possible.

Rome, 16th May 2012


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