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TIM: the customer service 119 gets quality certification

After the recognition obtained last year for services dedicated to high added value customers, certification has now been extended to the entire customer base, covering all the services offered by 119. A new recognition of Telecom Italia’s customer centric strategy based on an innovative, multichannel approach

The service certification issued by ICIM, the Italian certification organisation

07/30/2012 - 05:05 PM

Today, ICIM has issued to TIM the UNI certification EN15838:2010 for the TIM “119” contact center dedicated to mobile telephony.

The certification was issued last year to the services dedicated to high added value clients, making Telecom Italia one of the first phone companies in Europe to have certified Customer Care services; it has now been extended to the entire customer base, covering all the services offered by the 119 service and the contact channels available to customers. This is an important result, obtained thanks to a series of actions based on efficient processes and innovative technological solutions.

Verifications have been made by ICIM, the Italian certification body, in accordance with the indications of European standard UNI EN 15838:2010, integrated by the parameters and operating indications set forth in standard UNI 11200:2010 defining the “best practices” focused on customers.

“The certification of the “119” Customer Service is a confirmation of European quality”, says Elisabetta Ripa, head of the Telecom Italia mobile consumer office. “This important recognition is highly valuable for us as a prize for the efforts made to further improve the service for all the TIM customers, above all thanks to the high quality levels shown by the customer care staff in terms of customer management and the simplification of the customer care processes. We want to guarantee our clients a quality support available 24 hours a day by the use of highly qualified personnel and with the development of new channels for access to the 119 service, such as text messages, emails, the web and social networks. These new, advanced forms of contact, if we recall for example the 119 App for self-caring for smartphones, or the “Twitter Team” which can be contacted by the most widespread social networks, will acquire increasing importance and contribute decisively to the affirmation of Customer Care TIM in the future”.

The ICIM verifications, conducted on the basis of the pertinent regulations, were based on statistical data and documentation associated with activities in the field, in order to directly assess the operating procedures of the contact center staff and the context where this work takes.

Rome, 30 July 2012



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