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Telecom Italia: at the Mantua Literature Festival with “Scrittorinellarete”

Eight events streamed live, free of charge: Massimo Gramellini, Joe R. Lansdale, Luciano Ligabue, Claudio Magris, Melania Mazzucco, Zygmunt Bauman, Carlo Lucarelli and Natalia Aspesi will interact with the public and web-users on  www.telecomitalia.com

This year too the Telecom Italia space in Mantua's Piazza Sordello will host “Tracce”, another 23 meetings with major contemporary writers.


09/03/2012 - 11:00 AM

Telecom Italia renews its presence as the main partner of the Mantua Literature Festival, in support of culture and the dissemination of digital content, to familiarise the internet public with great contemporary authors and new ways to read and seek information, thanks to the web and e-book readers.

This year Telecom Italia and the Literature Festival present “scrittorinellarete”, eight events streamed live with well-known names in literature and culture selected from the main programme of the festival, available in live streaming on www.telecomitalia.com

Massimo Gramellini, Joe R. Lansdale, Luciano Ligabue, Claudio Magris, Melania Mazzucco, Zygmunt Bauman, Carlo Lucarelli and Natalia Aspesi will meet the audience in Piazza Castello and interact with the web audience through social networks and chats activated for the occasion on www.telecomitalia.com, inaugurating an unprecedented and direct way for the web audience to participate directly in the Festival.

scrittorinellarete” will be streamed on demand, free of charge, until August 2013. 

Throughout the Litereature Festival, during the day,  “Tracce” will return to the Telecom Italia space in Piazza Sordello for the third consecutive year: 23 meetings with writers and personalities from the world of culture, moderated by  Maurizio Matrone to share their vision of today’s world, also on Twitter (#tracce).

In the TendaSordello the public can also “browse” their favourite books in e-book version, to get a taste of digital reading, thanks to Biblet, the Telecom Italia e-book reader that accesses cubolibri.it, one of the richest Italian on-line stores, with over 27 thousand titles in its catalogue.

With these initiatives Telecom Italia is continuing to reflect on the role of the web as a cultural tool that can deliver and disseminate contemporary knowledge, making the web a free space for discussion and growth.


Streaming live and on demand


Piazza Castello


Wednesday 5 September, 6.30 p.m.

Massimo Gramellini with Federico Taddia


Thursday 6 September, 6.30 p.m.

Joe R. Lansdale with Chiara Codecà


Thursday 6 September, 9.30 p.m.

Luciano Ligabue with Giuseppe Antonelli


Friday 7 September, 4.00 p.m.

Claudio Magris

La verità è più bizzarra della finzione (Truth is stranger than fiction)


Friday 7 September, 9.15 p.m.

Melania Mazzucco with Giuseppe Antonelli

Readings of Francesca Inaudi


Saturday 8 September, 5.00 p.m.

Zygmunt Bauman with Riccardo Mazzeo and Luigina Mortari

L'educazione umana (Human education)


Sunday 9 September, 11.00 a.m.

Carlo Lucarelli with Luigi Caracciolo

Scuola di giallo (Writing mystery novels)


Sunday 9 September, 4.00 p.m.

Natalia Aspesi with Concita De Gregorio









Piazza Sordello


Wednesday 5 September

6.00 p.m.  Silvia Ronchey - il Buddha bizantino (The byzantine buddha)

9.00 p.m. Chiara Frugoni - il diavolo nell’affresco (The devil in fresco)


Thursday 6 September

12.30 p.m. Laura Boella - l’etica richiede immaginazione (ethics needs imagination)

4.00 p.m. Andrej Longo - schegge di Napoli (fragments of Naples)

5.30 p.m. Matthew Spender e Luca Scarlini – diario da una casa in Portogallo (diary from a home in Portugal)

9.00 p.m. Fabrizio Tonello - la politica nelle piazze virtuali (politics in the virtual town square)


Friday 7 September

10.30 a.m. Andrea Segrè - per un’economia ecologica (towards a green economy)

12.00 p.m. Romano Montroni with Patrizio Roversi and Stefano Salis - basta un libro (all you need is a book)

3.15 p.m. David Riondino - da Garibaldi al generale Custer (from Garibaldi to General Custer)

5.00 p.m. Simonetta Agnello Hornby - il ritorno del gusto (the return of taste)

6.00 p.m. Mahmoud Jaran - l’arab(b)ia di Pasolini (the Arabia, and the rage, of Pasolini)

9.00 p.m. Giorgio Fontana - Kafka non era un kafkiano (Kafka was not kafkaesque)


Saturday 8 September

10.00 a.m. Paul Wilmott - che cosa leggono i quants? (what do the quants read?)

10.45 a.m. Franco Farinelli - la capriola del paesaggio (the landscape soumersault)

12.30 p.m. Giorgio Politi - manifesto per una nuova storia (manifesto for a new history)

3.30 p.m. Loretta Napoleoni - crisi economica e democrazia (economic crisis and democracy)

5.15 p.m. Piersandro Pallavicini - qualcosa di dandy (a hint of dandy)

6.00 p.m. Bruce Sterling - leggere senza sfogliare (reading without browsing)

9.00 p.m. Massimo Gramellini - il prossimo sogno (the next dream)


Sunday 9 September

10.00 a.m. Telmo Pievani - la scienza che passa per il web (the science that traverses the web)

12.30 p.m. Enrico Franceschini - Olympic London

3.30 p.m. Guy Delisle and Kostas Moschochoritis - raccontare le zone calde (telling stories of hot places)

5.30 p.m. Danilo Mainardi - il giallo etologico (the ethologic mystery novel)

Mantua, 3 September 2012



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