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Telecom Italia main partner of “Trieste Next” with “Italiax10 – Future Science”

09/06/2012 - 04:10 PM

Telecom Italia is participating at the first “Trieste Next – European Innovation and Science Research Forum”, a laboratory dedicated to applied research, new technologies and solutions that can simplify daily life and contribute to the competitiveness of business, which will take place in Trieste from 28 to 30 September.

For the occasion, Telecom Italia and Nordesteurope will present the “ITALIAX10: Future Science” initiative, and give ten young researchers the opportunity of explaining their research projects on the stage of the Teatro Verdi in Trieste. The event will be broadcast in live streaming, which will allow the young people to interact not only with the audience present in the theatre but also, and primarily, with the web audience, using the communicative force of new technologies and the aggregating and participatory features of social networks. It will in fact be possible to have a “conversation” with the researchers via Twitter using the hashtags #italiax10 and #triestenext.

The appointment – moderated by Marco Cattaneo, editor of the monthly “Le Scienze” – is for Thursday 20 September, starting at 5 p.m., and will be available in streaming on demand on until 30 September 2013.

Milan, 6 September  2012



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