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Telecom Italia fast-tracks the IT IS programme for digitalising small and medium enterprises at Smau 2012

A year on from its launch, Telecom Italia steps up its initiative aimed at the IT partners of Impresa Semplice presenting a series of developments in managing the business network and its renewed portfolio of IT offers for the network of consultants and professionals and for clients.

It will be possible to visit the Cloud Bus for the entire duration of the event, an unusual travelling demo point where clients can see for themselves the cloud solutions of the Nuvola Italiana (Italian Cloud) developed jointly with Cisco.

Hall 1 – Stand G 5


10/10/2012 - 06:00 PM

During Smau 2012 -  which will be held in Milan from 17 to 19 October - Telecom Italia will be fast tracking the IT IS (Information Technology Impresa Semplice) programme,  the sales channel specialised in Information Technology for small and medium enterprises, presenting, one year on from its launch, innovations in managing the business network and the new IT solutions able to facilitate the digitalisation of SMEs, adding to their efficiency and competitiveness. At the Impresa Semplice Village new cloud computing services  will be on offer, including applications for digital signatures and the electronic archiving of data, as well as services for the geolocalization of company vehicles, which go to supplement the  infrastructural cloud  services and the website building solution. Some of the IT IS partners will be presenting their applications near the stand. 

The Cloud Bus, an unusual travelling "demo point" where clients can see for themselves the video-conference, virtualisation and unified communication & collaboration services of the Nuvola Italiana developed jointly with Cisco, will also stop at the stand.

The new services add to the portfolio of IT solutions available on the IT IS channel,  the sales channel specialised in Information Technology able to offer SMEs, including on a reseller basis, advanced IT solutions using the technological infrastructures of the Nuvola Italiana and an increasingly varied suite of third party applications.

In detail, the new  La mia firma digitale (My digital signature) solution will be presented, making it possible to sign documents digitally on PCs, tablets or smart phones thanks to an authentication system using the client's mobile phone without requiring the use of any further devices such as tokens or smart cards. The client is in fact given his/her own PIN and an application to download onto his/her device connected to the fixed or mobile broadband. At the moment of signature, the connection to Telecom Italia's Certification Authority server allows the identity of the caller to be ascertained through recognition of the SIM and the generation and transmission of a code valid for authenticating the signature.  The service, available from the end of October, will be provided in Software as a Service mode and envisages payment of a monthly fee.

Cartell@ Remota is the electronic archiving system which offers a simple way of saving and protecting corporate data from accidental loss and the risks deriving from theft or system failure.  Using a PC connected to Internet this system allows a copy of the files and directories in the company PCs to be made and stored in Telecom Italia's Data Center.  It also enables file-sharing with colleagues, suppliers or customers according to work requirements, even on the move.  The solution has 50 GB of space for data and performs an automatic daily or weekly data back-up . Clients access their Cartell@ Remota by means of a client installed on the PC or via a web portal on the Impresa Semplice site. 

Localizz@ is a solution for managing and geolocalizing corporate vehicles in use by personnel. It allows savings on costs (in fuel, routes and running costs) and improves efficiency and safety in the event of an accident or theft.  By means of the "black box" installed on board, Localizz@ memorises day by day the routes, stopovers and speeds of the individual vehicles with relative times and also permits the simultaneous visualisation on one map of all the devices, even in 3D.  Specific functions are available for following, on a map, the movements of the vehicle in real time, to see how many kilometres each vehicle has covered and the fuel consumption, and to send a text to the driver's mobile using the application platform.  The data is collected at Telecom Italia's Data Center and made available to the client via Internet.  The service includes handling of domestic GPRS data traffic.

The new services go to enhance the IT solutions proposed for the SMEs of Impresa Semplice centred on the Cloud Computing services of the Suite Ospit@, comprising infrastructural solutions (IaaS), IT platforms (PaaS) and complete application solutions (SaaS) which can be rapidly activated using the on-line settings, and subsequently managed directly by the end customer or his/her chosen IT operator by means of a specific Web Console. The Suite also allows hosting of the IT applications and platform software of Impresa Semplice's IT partners, adding to the range of IT solutions tailor-made for the specific requirements of the SME market by international IT leaders such as Microsoft as well as by smaller companies capable of developing innovative products.  The Ospit@ Suite offer currently consists of a wide choice of applications including among others, CRM, document management, back-up,electronic storage, management and many other vertical software applications provided directly by the network of IT IS partners.

The MY SITE service is also presented, enabling SMEs to build their own company website to increase  visibility and draw attention to the company and its internet activity, interacting with the on-line clientele. The SMEs can build their websites independently but may also choose to avail themselves of the assistance of a specialised web agency, from among those it already knows or the IT IS partners.  The service, which includes domain registration, web hosting, the instruments for editing the website, mail services, virtual fax and an intranet among other functions, stands out for its ease of use and wealth of tools and content, and is offered to end customers on free trial for one year, with no obligation to buy upon expiry. The web agencies using MY SITE will have free access to the  CMS (Content Management System) development platform for building the website, enabling them at any moment to perform professional services and supplement them with further software developments to enrich, valorize and increase the visibility of the end customer's website. 

Cloud Bus is the initiative promoted by Telecom Italia and Cisco to present, in an unusual and striking manner, the video-communication, virtualization and unified collaboration & communication solutions of the Nuvola Italiana developed jointly by the two companies. The travelling demo point offers the chance to consult a team of experts about the solutions best suited to the needs of the company.  Among the applications specially developed for SMEs is Collabor@, the Web Collaboration service for organising meetings and sharing documents in real time from PCs and smart phones via internet, and for setting up an audio conference involving up to 25 participants at the same time from fixed and mobile phones. The service enables companies to reduce the number of business trips and relative travel and accommodation costs, with significant benefits not just in terms of efficiency but also of the quality of professional life and environmental sustainability.

The solutions aimed at small and medium enterprises available on the Cloud Bus are as follows:

Nuvola It Hyperway (IT Hyperway Cloud), Telecom Italia's offer combining the advantages of Hyperway connectivity with the IT services of the Nuvola Italiana. This permits access to symmetrical connectivity profiles, both copper and fibre, for a safe connection and guaranteed service between domestic and foreign branches at the same time availing of the infrastructural IT services present in the "Nuvola Italiana" provided as a Service. 

Nuvola It IntoucHD (IntouchHD IT Cloud), the high resolution, professional, video-communication service provided and operated on “As-a-Service” logic by Telecom Italia's Data Center . This solution permits virtual meetings to be organised between Intra-Company and Inter-company users, utilising heterogeneous terminals and offering a wide range of services which include web streaming, meeting recording and advanced collaboration functions.

At the SMAU, the Cloud Bus will be stopping at the Telecom Italia and Cisco stands; after which it will continue its tour through the various regions of Italy giving the companies interested the chance to book a visit at their head offices via the website

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Milan, 10 October 2012



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