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Telecom Italia partner of the tenth Science Festival in Genoa

More than fifty conferences, in-depth information and content live and on demand at and a special appointment with Italiax10 moderated by Serena Danna, Monday 29 October at Palazzo Ducale and at

10/23/2012 - 02:00 PM

Telecom Italia is founding partner of the Science Festival, to be held in Genoa from 25 October to 4 November.  A Festival of international prestige which is celebrating its tenth edition, dedicating it to the imagination, intended as an antidote for banality because it means difference, identity, personality, freedom. The intention is to make science accessible to everyone through increasingly interactive workshops, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, special events, but above all a rich schedule of appointments and in-depth information online at, an interactive platform for sharing via the web the content created in collaboration with Telecom Italia, which in this way renews its commitment as technological driver of quality culture.

On Monday 29 October at 9.00 p.m. in the Sala del Minor Consiglio of Palazzo Ducale in Genoa the Science Festival will host the second appointment with the Telecom Italia Italiax10 project: 10 scientific-technological makers, chosen for having transformed their research into concrete business ideas, will take turns on stage with 7 minutes each to illustrate their work. Each researcher, at the end of the time at their disposal will be interviewed for 3 minutes by Serena Danna, a young journalist from Corriere della Sera with contributions gathered in the theatre and from the web. The format has the aim of bringing out Italian talent and promoting virtuous examples of the real world, through new technology. “Italiax10. The business formula" will be available live or on demand at

The Festival programme will also host Telecomincontra – On the Shoulders of Giants a cycle dedicated to the stories of the great scientists of all time told through outstanding contributors. The most innovative applications on the other hand will be at the centre of Telecom Italia Talks: from the smart home to augmented reality via robotics and Apps for the promotion of typical wines and foods, new business opportunities arising from research in the Telecom Italia Innovation & Industry Relations department will be explored.

Genoa, 23 October 2012



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