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Telecom Italia launches "TELETHONINWEB" to support TELETHON and bring the internet into the fight against genetic diseases

 The value of research is described by the many faces of Telethon: researchers, patients and supporters. "FACCIA DA TELETHON (TELETHON FACE)": commonly extraordinary.


11/28/2012 - 02:30 PM

Telecom Italia launches "TELETHONINWEB" to support Telethon. It is an innovative Internet platform that seeks to involve the online world in the fight against genetic diseases and raise funds using innovative tools (internet and mobile).

"TELETHONINWEB" will describe in a unique and original way the lives, stories, values ​​and the motivation of people united by a profound and incredible mission: to raise public awareness of the fight against genetic diseases.

Through "TELETHONINWEB" the researchers will present themselves in 5 videos, which will follow them throughout their day as they describe both their private and professional life from an uncommon point of view.

From December 14 to 16 the first Web Marathon will be held on the website This project will have a synergic live format not linked to the RAI programming and will give voice to all those involved in supporting Telethon.

By creatively developing content provided by Telethon, the Web Marathon will bring together new formats, and will involve web stars, influential people, YouTubers and digital producers. It will also feature "VIP SPOTS": content shared by VIP guests who, after appearing on the TV broadcast, will make a special contribution in front of a webcam.

At the conclusion of the Web Marathon, those whose condition has improved thanks to research will also be asked to tell their story. A bulletin board will be available to users who wish to post brief stories or thank the researchers whose faces were made known in the first part: a virtual meeting between the two sides of the same coin.

The value of research is described by the many faces of Telethon: researchers, patients and supporters. "FACCIA DA TELETHON ": commonly extraordinary.

"FACCIA DA TELETHON"is also a Facebook app that brings together on a wall of emotional solidarity all the faces of supporters who wish to make a donation. Participants are automatically entered in a contest for the chance to attend the marathon live from backstage.

All video material and info related to the events will be available on demand until January 31, 2013.

Rome, 28 November 2012


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