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Sexting, legality and internet abuse, the three new topics of Navigare Sicuri: Telecom Italia's awareness-raising initiative on the correct use of the web for minors and parents

The tour of schools with General Umberto Rapetto, to talk about the secrets of online safety, will start on Thursday 6 December and will visit 10 Italian cities. Live streaming events on and

12/03/2012 - 04:30 PM

After the success of the last two editions, Telecom Italia's new Navigare Sicuri tour kicks off on Thursday 6 December: 10 stops in as many Italian cities – Bari, Trieste, Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Cagliari and Rome – to raise awareness among young people and teachers on the informed use of the web. Each stops, lasting 5 days, will involve city schools in interactive workshops with specialized personnel and in a plenary meeting where young people can address the topics identified as being the most urgent in collaboration with Save the Children: cyberbulling, identity theft, soliciting and the latest information on sexting, legality and internet abuse. Three new short films with open endings, made especially by Holden School in Turin, specifically address the difficult problem of micro-prostitution among minors through the new media, the rules for surfing online without breaking the law and the relationship between real life and virtual life.

Public meetings will involve the student population and citizens in a broad consideration of web topics, giving actual examples of difficult situations and explaining the guidelines in order to put young people and adults in a position where they can deal with digital media safely. The main protagonist is General Umberto Rapetto (previously commander of the Anti Technological Crimes Group of Guardia di Finanza and IT security expert) who, in schools throughout Italy and in live streaming on, will involve audiences in an awareness-raising initiative with the collaboration of Fattore Mamma and experts on the various subjects discussed. In fact in each region parent bloggers linked to the territory will be involved, who will promote a direct discussion between parents and children, and teachers, sexologists and sociologists who will offer the experience of the most recent studies linked to the relationship between digital media and minors. The meetings will be broadcast in videostreaming on the websites and

Navigare Sicuri ( is a national project by Telecom Italia dedicated to promoting and disseminating the informed and responsible use of the Internet and digital media among children, teenagers and their teachers. The initiative, which is implemented in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and relies on the established expertise of the Fondazione Movimento Bambino and Save the Children, has, over the last two years, already involved the attention of more than 200,000 children and parents in the country and aims to enhance the extraordinary potential of new technologies as a resource for gaining knowledge and socialising, finding information and growing, while avoiding its pitfalls as much as possible.

Rome, 03 December 2012


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