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Telecom Italia:”Navigare Insieme” (Surfing Together), the national project that familiarises the over 60s with the internet and social networking returns to Ancona

The four courses of digital culture taught by young high school students will start on 30 January.

01/25/2013 - 12:00 PM

Navigare Insieme”, the project launched nationwide by Telecom Italia to promote the use of new communication technologies among the over 60s returns to Ancona from Wednesday 30 January.

The 2013 edition is renewed and enriched with content in public schools and digital gyms, where web surfing is free and it is possible to experiment with the use of digital media assisted by specialized volunteers.

The young people at the senior high schools will accompany grandparents in discovering the secrets of the web through a simple language and a series of multimedia interactions which provide an initial approach to the new digital media to all ages. The students therefore become teachers to talk about the internet, social networks and all the opportunities on the Net, a true intergenerational exchange.

Ancona will host a course, consisting of three lessons, which will take place at the LICEO DELLE SCIENZE UMANE RINALDINI [SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES SCIENCE] (Via Michelangelo, without house number), starting on 30 January, from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.

It is possible to sign up to the course by emailing or calling the toll free number 800563669.
As in the previous edition, “Navigare insieme” will be offered:

  • in state schools, with basic courses taught by young volunteers: for example, people can learn how to open an e-mail account, how to chat with friends, how to book a holiday or dialogue with government offices, thanks to the internet;
  • in the digital gyms established in 16 cities, with advanced level courses on four new topics: blogging, evolved social networks, online start-ups and entrepreneurship, internet and social life;

Innovations introduced in 2013 include:

  • an e-learning pathway – distance learning – using a combination of web-star, bloggers and people linked to the Internet world, with contents that can be accessed in streaming/on demand on the website. 
  • “collective viewings” in the digital gyms – with the over-60s always supervised by volunteers - of everything made available online on the website, including the sit-com “Siamo Nonni Smart” (We’re Smart grandparents) made exclusively by the Holden school in Turin: ten episodes in which the relationship between the different generations develops on one hand the appreciation of the new digital tools by the old people, and on the other the affectionate complicity with the grandchildren on all the issues of the daily life of two of today’s young adolescents.

Navigare Insieme”, made in collaboration with Informatici Senza Frontiere, Auser, Alatel, Lega Coop, Confartigianato and Confagricoltura pensioners’ branch, involves 16 Italian cities: besides Ancona, the project involves Naples, Milan, Turin, Palermo, Genova, Trento, Trieste, Venice, Parma, Florence, Rome, Bari, Cosenza, Cagliari and L’Aquila.

As well as the website, the project is present on Facebook with a page full of materials and activities for keeping constantly up-to-date, and appreciating all the possible interactions of “Navigare Insieme” also with the other social networks involved, such as Twitter and Youtube.

Ancona, 25 January 2013


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