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Telecom Italia: from today Ultra-Broadband services on the fibre optic network for professionals and businesses will be available in Turin

The Piedmont capital is one of the first seven cities chosen by Telecom Italia at national level for the launch of the Impresa Semplice Tuttofibra offer aimed at business customers, which allows navigation at 30 Megabits per second in download and 3 Megabits in upload, facilitating access to cloud solutions.

The new solution is available from today at the same price as the traditional ADSL connection 

02/11/2013 - 01:00 PM

Turin is one of the first seven Italian cities (together with Milan, Rome, Naples, Bari, Bologna and Genoa) chosen by Telecom Italia for the launch of the new connectivity services based on the new generation fibre optic network dedicated to professionals and small and medium enterprises. As of today, in the Piedmont capital it will be possible to activate, at the same price as the traditional ADSL connection, the Impresa Semplice Tuttofibra offer featuring a transmission speed of up to 30 Megabits  per second in download and 3 Megabits in upload. The offer, which takes its place alongside the “Italian Cloud” fibre solutions already available for large companies, allows even small businesses to equip themselves with technologically advanced and high-performance services and to easily access cloud computing services capable of making them more efficient and competitive.

The high transmission speed makes it possible to access applications in real time as well as high-definition multimedia content even for several users at the same time. Specifically, optical fibre enables new forms of professional communication and allows the spread of cloud computing with the advantage of having your data always available and secure and the convenience of entrusting Telecom Italia with the updating and security of the infrastructure.  The new connectivity services also allow projects to be shared simply and quickly, very high quality video calls to be made, and encourage collaboration between suppliers and customers by eliminating distances.

The national plan for the creation of a fibre optic network in FTTCab (Fiber to the Cabinet) architecture aims to reach 100 cities by 2014. After the launch in the first seven cities, the marketing of the new services on the fibre optic network will continue in coming months in Pisa, Brescia, Verona, Padua, Monza, Palermo, Florence and Como providing a real contribution to speeding up the process of growth and digitization of Italian companies for the relaunch of the country's economy.

The Impresa Semplice Tuttofibra offer includes:

·    Navigation up to 30 Mbps in download and 3 Mbps in upload

·    Voice access in VoIP technology

·    Unlimited calls to national fixed numbers and 1000 minutes to TIM

·    WiFi modem included

·    Subscription: €50 per month

·    Activation fee in promotion at 60 euros (instead of 120 euros) until 30 June 2013.

The prices do not include VAT.

Turin, 11 February 2013


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