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Telecom Italia and Rai: in Val di Fiemme, experimental hd live streaming of the Nordic World Ski Championship on the TIM LTE network, in collaboration with the autonomous Province of Trento

After the announcement of LTE coverage in the principal tourist areas of Trentino, Telecom Italia relaunches with the start-up of a trial in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento and RAI, aimed at demonstrating the potential of mobile ultrabroadband for the use of new services.

02/20/2013 - 12:30 PM

Val di Fiemme is confirmed as the stage on which the potential of TIM’s new LTE network will be displayed, which is not only ultrafast, but above all, offers new services and new user experiences.

Thanks to an agreement between Telecom Italia and Rai, with the collaboration of the Autonomous Province of Trento, during the Nordic World Ski Championship, due to start today in Val di Fiemme, a selected user group of testers will have the chance to try out the new live HD service, which uses the high performance offered by TIM’s new 4G network . This initiative was made possible by the investments in the main tourist areas of Trentino made by Telecom Italia, which sped up its LTE coverage plans for this winter sports event.

RAI will make available 7 live HD streams from high quality television cameras placed in significant points of the competition routes, coordinated by a direction cabin. Users will be able to select the desired stream directly, and then virtually enter the route that interests them, customising their view of the competition, as well as accessing event and territory sites of interest faster and more directly.

The service uses the LTE performances, and is based on a technology called Overbrowser® which, thanks to the new HTML5 paradigm, allows the use of Web resident applications without having to access specific App Stores and requiring installation or configuration of special software on the user’s own terminal.

The aim is to show how mobile ultrabroadband does not just mean higher speed and better performance in current uses, but also represents a formidable enabler of new information and entertainment formats.

“The synergic use of the LTE network, together with new Web paradigms such as HTML5, allows the user experience of new and powerful smartphones and tablets to be further simplified” according to Oscar Cicchetti, Telecom Italia Strategy Manager. “All of this will allow the penetration of innovative, interactive and high quality services to accelerate, starting with HD video, fully exploiting the characteristics of LTE”.

Trento, 20 February 2013


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