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Telecom Italia: launch of the new service 'Sempre Sicuro' by TIM

To protect smartphones and tablets from theft and damage and to secure all data

03/05/2013 - 12:15 PM

Launched today 'Sempre Sicuro' (Always secure) by TIM, is the new service to protect smartphones and tablets from theft and damage and to secure all data.

Thanks to this solution, TIM customers can replace their smartphone or tablet in just two days and have the new device delivered to their home or office, at their preferred address.

'Sempre Sicuro' by TIM covers all accidental damage, for example caused by falling in water or a broken display, as well as any technical malfunction. In case of damage or malfunction, when the replacement device is delivered the damaged  device is collected. In case of theft, the SIM is replaced free of charge.

In addition, 'Sempre Sicuro' by TIM protects the data on your device with McAfee software and includes:

- backup and recovery of personal data (contacts, text messages and photos);- location of your smartphone or tablet, and possibly remote blocking and deletion of data;
- antivirus and blocking of websites considered risky; 

Data protection is compatible with Android, Symbian and Blackberry; to activate it simply register on the site sempresicuro.tim.it  and download the application.

Customers who activate 'Sempre Sicuro' will be provided with free service by calling 800 -007766 accessible from all national landlines and mobiles.

Further information is available on sempresicuro.tim.it.

The service is available from € 29 per year.

Rome, 5 March 2013


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