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Telecom Italia and the National Academy of St. Cecilia present the third series of PappanoinWeb, the project that brings great classical music to the Internet capitalizing on the possibilities for interaction offered by the Net and experimenting with new ways of spreading quality content and socializing artistic experiences. After the success of the first 2 series, PappanoinWeb returns to the Internet with 6 new events broadcast on the website, which will be available on demand until 27 May 2014.

03/14/2013 - 12:00 PM

Monday 18 March (at 9 p.m.) PappanoinWeb resumes, the initiative presented by the National Academy of Santa Cecilia and Telecom Italia which combines culture par excellence with new digital languages. The star of the night will be Tchaikovsky with his last symphonic masterpiece, the famous Pathétique Symphony which the Master Antonio Pappano, Musical Director of St. Cecilia, will conduct live from the Sala Santa Cecilia in an event that will even excite a passion for great music in the “most distant” public in terms of background and taste. Another protagonist, alongside Pappano and the Orchestra of St. Cecilia, will be Sonia Ganassi, one of the most brilliant performers on the Italian scene and a specialist in nineteenth-century bel canto, who will participate in the Le Poéme de l’Amour et de la Mer by the late-Romantic Frenchman Ernest Chausson. Another page of remarkable beauty opens the event: the overture In The South which Edward Elgar wrote in 1904 inspired by the delightful landscape of Alassio during his stay in Liguria.

The series PappanoinWeb - with 6 new events planned to be broadcast on the website, which will be available on demand until 27 May 2014 - confirms the format already tested and consolidated in the previous cycles. Each event is preceded by the now traditional guide to listening, the introductory lessons and conversations to the concerts by the musicologist Giovanni Bietti and by Antonio Pappano himself which guide the viewers in listening and in the understanding of the masterpieces in the programme, available on the website a few days before each concert. The evenings will be presented and followed by the musicologist Umberto Nicoletti Altimari who will interact with guests and professors of the Orchestra before the concert and during the interval.

Rome, 14 March 2013


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