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Telecom Italia: the new institutional advertising campaign “Comunicare, Connettersi, Vivere” (communicate, connect, live) kicks off.

Featuring the Martin Luther King “I have a dream” speech, proposed in a novel and contemporary way, thanks to the possibilities offered by the new forms of communication.


The new Telecom Italia institutional advertisement will be broadcast on TV from Sunday 31 March.


A multiplatform project #iovivoconnesso (I live connected) is linked to the new advertising film.

03/29/2013 - 12:00 PM

“Comunicare, connettersi, vivere” (Communicate, connect, live) is the claim in the new Telecom Italia institutional advertising campaign featuring Martin Luther King and the famous speech he made in 1963 in Washington, pronouncing the words “I have a dream”, which have become the symbol of the fight for equality and opportunities. The values that inspired the speech are still deeply contemporary, and today the dream of a world in which no-one is “excluded” can become real thanks to the possibilities that new forms of communication offer.

In the new advertising film, broadcast on TV from Sunday 31 March, Telecom Italia imagines that this speech, delivered at the Lincoln Memorial, is the fruit of a collective effort made by a multitude of people who believe in the same dream, disseminate it and share it. So the film offers a change of prospective: it is the people who speak, saying “We have a dream”, to Martin Luther King.

“Comunicare, connettersi, vivere” reiterates and extends Telecom Italia’s mission: communication and life are amplified thanks to the connections that increasingly powerful and widespread infrastructure can nowadays provide. The digital transformation of networks, and the tools available for communication make the individual more and more the protagonist: every thought can reach billions of people throughout the world in fractions of a second, and can generate a wave of change.

The first objective of Telecom Italia is a connected Italy, to enable the Country to transform itself, to grow and share dreams, aspirations and plans so that everyone has equal opportunities.

The important #iovivoconnesso multiplatform project is connected to this new advertising film. It is hosted in a dedicated area of the website, and it is part of Telecom Italia’s programme to build a digital Italy. The space will host a series of video testimonials collected from people who work in the company and who talk about the ways in which they contribute to grow a digital Italy through their daily activities.

#iovivoconnesso will also be enriched through the Telecom Italia social channels, where everyone will be able to actively participate in the conversation about the meanings that can be assumed by the expression #iovivoconnesso, a strong and emblematic aspect of life in a digital age.

The press campaign will propose a large single QR code composed of images of people taken from above, which can be used to connect directly to the #iovivoconnesso channel using enabled mobile devices. The press campaign has also been created by DVLBBDO.




Executive Creative Direction: Stefania Siani and Federico Pepe

Art director: Luca Iannucci

Copywriter: Gennaro Borrelli

Director:  Giuseppe Capotondi    

Production: Mercurio Cinematografica

Post Production: Eight  Vfx

Photography: Glynn Speeckaert                                       

Cinematography: Wendy Sidwell                         

Costumes: Inanna Bantu                                             




Executive Creative Direction: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Art Director: Davide LACALAMITA

Copywriter: Valentina Amenta

Photography: Lorenzo Vitturi
Art Buyer: Lucia Micocci, Isabella Angaroni
Post-production Supervisor: Davide Calluori
Creative Technologist Supervisor: Paul Tapia


Digital Creative Direction: Emanuele Viora
Creative artists: Lola Manrique: Simona de Simone

Rome, 29 March 2013


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