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Telecom Italia launches Evoluzione Ufficio (Office Evolution), the virtual switchboard for mobile working

The new Impresa Semplice solution for professionals and small and medium enterprises allows users to receive, make and manage calls from fixed lines, smartphones and PCs.

04/16/2013 - 02:15 PM

Telecom Italia launches Evoluzione Ufficio, the innovative “virtual” switchboard service for professionals and small and medium enterprises that allows users to also receive, make and manage calls from their PCs or smartphones. The new Impresa Semplice solution allows the service to be configured and managed independently, tailored to the specific needs of the user, through a web portal that enables IP calls (the Internet Protocol technology that allows voice calls to be transformed into packages of data that can “travel” over internet connections) to be managed on several different devices such as telephones, smartphones or PCs, through specific dedicated apps.

Evoluzione Ufficio combines a wide range or switchboard services (for example: call deviation to several users or a single operator, automatic answering, call waiting, multiconferencing) with the benefits of in terms of versatility and flexibility typical of cloud solutions, with the possibility of transforming a smartphone or other remote station, such as a home phone, into parts of a switchboard, allowing users to work in any situation, and promoting remote working activities. The calls made from devices connected to the service, whether fixed or mobile, are in fact directed to the Nuvola Italiana cloud platform and transferred to the recipients with the office number on the caller ID display.

Evoluzione Ufficio allows up to 3 calls to be made at the same time, managing up to 8 users; it includes unlimited calls between fixed line phones, and up to 3,000 minutes per month of calls from fixed lines to TIM mobiles, fax and POS connection, unlimited ADSL at speeds of up to 20 Mega, apps for PCs and mobile devices, IP telephones and dedicated assistance from 85 euros per month (further information at www.impresasemplice.it).

Rome, 16 April 2013


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