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Telecom Italia opens the new TIM Shop at Fiumicino airport and launches "Be part of the rainbow"

The initiative will involve the network and 10 flagship stores all over the country

04/19/2013 - 12:30 PM

During the inauguration of the new TIM digital store at the Leonardo da Vinci airport in Rome, open to the public from Monday 22 April, Telecom Italia will launch Be part of the rainbow the initiative aimed at experiencing the communication concept of the new advertising campaign focused on sharing, both online and at 10 stores throughout the country.

The new TIM flagship store at Terminal 1 of the airport, will be entirely characterized by the use of touch screen displays and  devices to replace traditional media. It is divided into different areas of communication each aimed at communicating a specific message: from the brand area to the area dedicated to the offer of the moment to end up with that relating to services and content. At certain times of the day, all displays will be synchronized with each other to uniquely and originally interpret the value of sharing, thanks to the images of the designer Mauro Gatti. The multimedia contents of the new TIM shop at Fiumicino have been developed in partnership with the agency Alkemy and with the technical support of dooh.it.

Telecom Italia will also launch Be part of the rainbow, an initiative that will make it possible to relive the big rainbow that characterizes the new TV commercial with Chiara, on air from 14 April, on the Net.

Customers who visit the new TIM shop, and the other 10 throughout Italy involved in the project, will be able to have their photo taken which will then be uploaded on www.rainbow.tim.it. This is how the Net will come to life, through the rainbow, imaginative and symbolic element inviting people to join, connect and share.

Those who take part in the initiative will receive a free t-shirt, part of the collection specially designed by fashion designers at Happiness. The 10 stores involved in Be part of the rainbow can be found in the cities of Rome, Milan, Genoa, Verona, Bologna, Florence, Naples and Taranto. 

All those who want to become part of the big Telecom Italia rainbow, but do not live in one of the cities involved in the initiative, can still upload on the website www.rainbow.tim.it their own pictures.

The project will be supported through social networks and Twitter, using the Twitter hashtag #bepartoftherainbow.

Rome, 19 April 2013


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