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Telecom Italia at the 2013 PA Forum: innovative solutions for health, security and the territory in favour of the digitization of the Public Administration

The testing of the Secure Digital Identity service has begun which, through the SIM card of a mobile phone, will make it possible to register and securely access PA and Health online services and sign digital documents.

In the exhibition area it will be possible to learn about the other ICT solutions proposed as part of the Impresa Semplice solution, provided in cloud computing mode through the Italian Cloud: from the virtualization of documents and administrative and health certifications to the graphometric signature, from the integrated platform for an eco-sustainable “smart city” to systems for urban control and security, up to services dedicated to digital learning and teaching.

05/27/2013 - 12:30 PM

Telecom Italia, the main partner of the 2013 PA Forum to be held in Rome from 28 to 30 May, presents the Information & Communication Technology solutions designed for central and local Public Administrations as part of the Impresa Semplice offer, which make it possible to increase efficiency, simplify processes, optimize costs and improve the quality of life of citizens, also through the adoption of the cloud computing platform “Italian Cloud” and the Olivetti solutions. For the creation of a Smart City model, moreover, innovative services are proposed for security and energy saving, for the digitization of the management processes of the territory and schools.

This year at the PA Forum Telecom Italia presents a preview of the solution developed for Secure Digital Identity, which will be demonstrated experimentally as part of the Digital Identity & Mobile Health services. This solution is capable of transmitting the identity of the user to the Public Administrations in complete safety simply by using the SIM Card of new generation mobile phones in order to register and securely access the online services of the PA (for example Health) and sign digital documents. The Public Administrations will be able to use it to streamline procedures and provide services more efficiently thanks to the immediate and secure recognition of the digital identity of its users, and citizens will be able to identify themselves from any PC, tablet or smartphone to supply their data saving time and protecting their privacy.

Telecom Italia offers Paperless solutions and services for the virtualization of PA processes, created by Olivetti. Such as the Nuvola It Paperless Flow which allows Administrations to equip themselves with a complete system for the management of documents and contents, designed to minimize investments and optimize productivity. A system comprised of management document modules, on site virtualization, substitute archiving with delegation of responsibility and the bulk sending of documents even via Certified Email (PEC).

Nuvola It Digisign is an advanced electronic signature solution which enables documents to be signed digitally, applying the various signature protocols provided for by the Digital Administration Code (Biometric Digital Signature and Advanced Electronic Signature).  Through the Olipad Graphos tablets by Olivetti and the Nuvola It Digisign version for customers on the move, it will be possible to obtain the signature of users and clients on the display, detecting all the graphometric parameters necessary to ensure the univocality and identity of the signatory.

For digital Health Telecom Italia proposes – in addition to the Nuvola It Digital Clinic service for the management of the Electronic Clinical Record also available for tablets, smartphones and iPads - the new Nuvola It Norma Health, which allows healthcare facilities to maintain an up-to-date database with respect to all the regulations and case laws of reference: it speeds up and optimizes document searches, combining the scientific precision of the information with ease of consultation.

Moreover, with Nuvola It Image Archiving– Plus, the company responds to the need to virtualize and archive diagnostic tests (digital images) and medical reports and certificates, allowing the simplification of operations such as storing the data of a patient.

Smart Town is the integrated platform that encourages the creation of “smart cities” in line with the directives of the European Union for the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions (the tele-management and tele-diagnosis of public lighting systems). As part of the solutions

Smart City Telecom Italia presents, as part of the new developments, a service based on a single platform which includes the Nuvola It Energreen and Smart Building services, integrating them with Building Automation, Office Automation and advanced TLC systems, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency in the complete management of buildings. The main areas of intervention are: energy efficiency and comfort, security, surveillance and access control, and high performance LAN/WAN connectivity.

Nuvola It Urban Security is instead designed to help to increase the wellbeing and safety of the community, encouraging participation between law enforcement agencies, local organizations and citizens. It manages different types of services: the monitoring of air quality parameters; signalling, through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, the presence of environmental and urban decay conditions; and the communication of problems linked to road safety.

As part of the Olivetti offer for the digital school the portal Olischool is available which provides school organizations with specific functions for communicating with students and families and for the online sharing of demographic information, study plans, subjects, schedules, lessons, information related to non-attendance at school and the actual performance of teaching in classes and schools. The mobile app MySchool! is also available, which allows access to the functionalities offered by Olischool for students and teachers on mobile devices. The other solutions by Olivetti include the Lavagna Interattiva Multimediale (LIM - Interactive White Board), dedicated to digital learning and teaching and the Web Interactive Board (WIB) software for the real time sharing and interactive management of educational content.

Visitors will also be able to learn about the professional video conferencing service Nuvola It IntoucHD in high definition and on the move. The service, which enables virtual meetings to be held between users within and outside of their company, is also set up for LTE technology, the new generation 4G mobile network which, thanks to the innovative services offered by TIM, allows data transmission with a speed of up to 100 Mbit/s in download and up to 50 Mbit/s in upload.

Sessions dedicated to the PA Forum with, the Italian community created to promote and spread the culture on cloud computing, are also scheduled. Furthermore all the updates will be available through the Italian Cloud social network.

Rome, 27 May 2013


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