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Telecom Italia: launch of the digital islands with the first 15 multimedia totems for innovative services

Through the new cloud technologies and NFC they will enable citizens and tourists to access from their tablets and smartphones advanced features that will be developed in collaboration with Expo 2015 and the other partners

10/10/2013 - 02:30 PM

Telecom Italia participates with TIM in the Digital Islands project by providing 22 interactive totems, 15 of which are already operational, and the Digital Signage platform, with a graphic interface specifically designed to facilitate interaction with users. Thanks to the cloud infrastructure of the Italian Cloud, the platform allows delivery and management of multimedia information in all areas covered by the project. 

Telecom Italia's contribution also includes the set-up on 7 totems, including the one inaugurated today in via Hoepli, POS and NFC Proximity technology able to interact with the mobile terminals of citizens and tourists for the use of advanced services that will be developed in collaboration with the Milan Expo 2015, and the other partners involved. The new services may include, for example, reservation and purchase of tickets for events, requests for public administration certificates and access to bike sharing and quadricycle services, offering the opportunity to experiment with innovative features that will be available at the exhibition in 2015.

With the aim of promoting the development of solutions based on new digital technologies applicable in urban and domestic contexts, and that will also be made available in digitalized areas of the city of Milan, Telecom Italia and Expo 2015 in collaboration with Domus have also launched a competition of ideas “Digital ideas for Expo City 2015”. An app that allows the purchase and use of “sustainable” tourism services; a solution that makes brochures and promotional exhibition materials available on smartphones in the form of digital cards; a community for the booking of restaurants and sharing of “certified”reviews: these are the three winning projects that will be awarded on 11 December at the next date of Expovision, the series of events organized by Expo 2015 and Telecom Italia that outline the path towards the Universal Exposition of 2015.

Telecom Italia's participation in important projects related to technological innovation such as the Digital Islands and Expo 2015, of which it is Integrated & connectivity services partner, confirms its commitment to the implementation of Smart Cities making its infrastructure and know-how a common factor in the most advanced technologies, from the cloud to the NFC, to improve the quality of life in cities.

Milan, 14 October 2013


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