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Telecom Italia: new generation optical fibre network arrives in Foggia

The deployment of the new ultrabroadband network is underway, it will provide innovative services to citizens and businesses with connection speeds of at least 30 Mb/sec.

Foggia is part of Telecom Italia's plan to develop new generation optical fibre technology across the country, aimed at reaching 600 cities by 2016 to cover over 50% of the population

12/31/2013 - 12:45 PM

The initiative is part of Telecom Italia's national development plan for the Next Generation Access Network (NGAN), which is expected to reach 600 cities by 2016, covering 12.4 million households, corresponding to over 50% of the population. Telecom Italia's planned investment for the innovative development of ultrabroadband on the access network will be 1.8 billion in the three years from 2014 to 2016.

Work is underway in various areas of the city. During 2014, Foggia's citizens and businesses will be able to start using ultrabroadband connections at speeds of at least 30 Mb/sec, which dramatically improve the experience of surfing the net and enable new services. At home, for example, they will be able to enjoy HD video, high quality multiplayer online gaming and multimedia content simultaneously available on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Optical fibre will also enable innovative applications, such as telepresence, cloud computing services for businesses, as well as services allowing local authorities to implement the smart city model, including systems for security and monitoring the territory,  infomobility and sensor networks for environmental remote sensing.

Existing infrastructure will be used to lay the fibre optic cables and, where excavation is needed, innovative low environmental impact equipment and techniques will be used that reduce work time, work site area, ground broken, material removed, paving  impairment and consequently road repairs to a minimum.

This initiative confirms Telecom Italia as the driving force of local innovation. The roll-out of the ultrabroadband infrastructure and especially the deployment of services they enable can provide a major boost to sustainable growth in the local economy and to improving quality of life for local people.

Foggia, 31 December 2013



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