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Telecom Italia and Enel Distribuzione: agreement signed to promote the development of optical fibre and smart grid services

The aim of the agreement is to identify possible synergies between the telecommunications and electrical infrastructures

02/24/2014 - 11:20 AM

Telecom Italia and Enel Distribuzione have signed an agreement to identify possible synergies between their respective infrastructures, with the aim of boosting the development of the fibre optic network and producing innovative models for the smart distribution of electricity.

In particular, the agreement provides for the start of joint examination and verification in order to use Enel's networks for the deployment of Telecom Italia's optical fibre, for both fixed telephony and connections with the radio base stations of mobile telephony.

Moreover, the collaboration will also concern the electrification of Telecom Italia's roadside cabinets and the optical fibre connections of the nodes of networks interesting to Enel for the creation of a “Smart Grid” model in order to offer innovative services to citizens and make the supply of electricity even more efficient.

“This important agreement strengthens the synergies for the development of new generation networks,” stated Roberto Opilio, Head of Technology at Telecom Italia. “This initiative confirms our desire and that of Enel to launch sustainable development models and create increasingly innovative telecommunications architectures in order to offer advanced services using already existing infrastructures or fibre deployment techniques with low environmental impact. The project integrates well with the strategy we have adopted for the diffusion of ultra-broadband which, thanks to significant investments, may reach over 600 Italian municipalities and industrial districts by 2016 providing coverage to over 50% of the population.”

“We are very happy this agreement has been signed with a leading partner in the technologies and telecommunications field such as Telecom Italia,” commented Livio Gallo, Head  of the infrastructures and networks division of Enel. “It is a strategic collaboration that represents another step towards creating increasingly connected infrastructure, leveraging the synergies between two large Italian infrastructure operators. The result of this collaboration will contribute to the digitalisation of the country and the achievement of the objectives of the Digital Agenda, also providing a technological contribution to the development of smart electricity networks; these networks are capable of integrating traditional technologies with innovative digital solutions, promoting the use of the electrical vector and the integration of generation from renewable sources, providing a significant contribution to the achievement of the sustainability goals with social, economic and competitive well-being for the entire country.”

Rome, 24 February 2014


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