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PappanoinWeb: winner of the Premio Cultura + Impresa (Culture + Enterprise Award), the project delivering the greatest classical music on the web, returns to the internet

From 4 April onwards, four concerts by the National Academy of St. Cecilia will be broadcast in their entirety on, in live streaming and on demand.

For each of the events, there will also be exclusive content available online, introductory guides to listening and live chats with expert musicologists.

03/31/2014 - 12:55 PM

After winning the Cultura+Impresa Award as the best cultural partnership in Italy, reaching more than 150,000 virtual spectators in streaming in recent editions, the fourth season of PappanoinWeb is starting, the project of the National Academy of St. Cecilia and Telecom Italia. Thanks to the potential offered by the internet and the social networks, its objective is to offer the internet audience the chance to take part in great concerts of classical music and to interact with musicians and experts in the field.

This year the PappanoinWeb cycle consists of four concerts broadcast in their entirety in live streaming on, and it will also be possible to watch them on demand until 6 October 2015.

Exclusive content and special guides to listening will also be available on the site several days before each event: real 'lesson-conversations' provided by the musicologist Giovanni Bietti and Maestro Antonio Pappano to prepare the audience for listening to and understanding the masterpieces on the programme.

The evenings will be presented and compered by the musicologist Umberto Nicoletti Altimari, who will interact with the guests and members of the Orchestra before the concert and during the interval.

The online audience will also be able to 'take part' in the events, sharing impressions and emotions with all the other enthusiasts, thanks to live conversations on the web and Telecom Italia's social networks, using the hashtag #Pappanoinweb.

The first concert of the new PappanoinWeb cycle is on Friday 4 April at 8:30 pm.
The star of the evening will be Alexander Lonquich, the famous German pianist, who with the St Cecilia Soloists  - an ensemble made up of some of the principal players of the Orchestra of the Academy,  Alessandro Carbonare, clarinet, Alessio Allegrini, French horn, Carlo Maria Parazzoli, violin and Gabriele Geminiani, cello - will play a programme entirely dedicated to Johannes Brahms, one of the most important composers of German romanticism.  The concert will feature, as well as the Six Pieces op. 118, two highly original trios, masterpieces of their kind: the opus 40 for violin, horn and piano and the opus 114 for clarinet, cello and piano.
This will be followed on 28 April, 27 June and 6 October by the three concerts conducted by  Maestro Antonio Pappano, at the head of the Orchestra and Chorus of the National Academy of St. Cecilia with programmes that should not be missed: from Beethoven and Dallapiccola to Respighi, Maxwell Davies and Meyerbeer.

The evening of 6 October will also feature Diana Damrau, among the most famous sopranos in the world.

PappanoinWeb forms part of the broad programme of activities that sees Telecom Italia playing a leading role in Corporate Social Responsibility in Italy, thanks to its support of numerous business projects which stand out as a further commitment to social responsibility to promote digital culture in Italy and make it available to a wide public.

The important Cultura+Impresa Award has honoured the commitment of the National Academy of St. Cecilia and Telecom Italia to ‘sharing value’ with the broadest possible audience, thanks to the interpretative skill of distinguished musicians such as Antonio Pappano, and as a result of a more delocalized and participatory enjoyment of the high quality content assured by new technology.

The 2013 edition alone of PappanoinWeb was followed by more than 50,000 users connected via the web, reaching a total of more than a million people and generating strong interaction on the social networks where more than 800 conversations were produced.


PappanoinWeb - 2014 programme

Friday 4 April at 8:30 pm

Alexander Lonquich  piano

St Cecilia Soloists

Brahms Trio op. 40,  Klavierstücke op. 118,  Trio op. 114


Monday 28 April at 8:30 pm


Orchestra and Chorus of the National Academy of St. Cecilia

Antonio Pappano, conductor

Ciro Visco Chorus Master

Beethoven Fidelio, Prison scene

Dallapiccola The Prisoner, one-act opera

Beethoven Symphony no. 9, third and fourth movements


Friday 27 June at 8:30 pm


Orchestra and Chorus of the National Academy of St. Cecilia

Antonio Pappano conductor

Ciro Visco Chorus Master

Respighi Pines and Fountains of Rome

Maxwell Davies Symphony no. 10 In search of Borromini


Monday 6 October at 8:30 pm

Orchestra and Chorus of the National Academy of St. Cecilia

Antonio Pappano, conductor

Diana Damrau soprano

Ciro Visco Chorus Master

Homage to Meyerbeer


Rome, 31 March


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