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Telecom Italia was awarded the best integrated communication prize at the NC Awards 2014

05/13/2014 - 11:30 AM

Telecom Italia was awarded the First Prize for Holistic Communication as well as three awards for Qualitative Excellence at the NC Awards 2014, in particular:  

  • the first prize for Best Execution and for Media Strategy
  • the second prize for Best Insight;
  • the third prize for Best Consumer Engagement.  

The awards were presented in the evening of 12 May with an awards ceremony held at the Franco Parenti Theatre in Milan: the NC Award, in its eighth edition, is the award for the most innovative communication campaigns and the best holistic creativity and is organized by the ADC Group.  In particular, Telecom Italia took part in the contest with the campaign "Comunicare, connettersi, vivere"(communicate, connect, live) dedicated to "Martin Luther King", 50 years after he delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.  The integrated campaign complements the new institutional film with a new multiplatform project, #iovivoconnesso, hosted in a dedicated area of the Telecom Italia website which features video testimonials collected from people who work in the company and who talk about the ways in which they contribute to grow a digital Italy through their daily commitment. The project was also enriched through the Telecom Italia social channels, where everyone could actively participate in the conversation about the meanings that can be assumed by the expression #iovivoconnesso.  

The campaign has also launched #WEHAVEADREAM, the  social writing project in collaboration with the Holden School, that from October to December 2013 took place entirely online on the website : 10 major topics for 10 great writers, to create a collective new edition of the speech of Martin Luther King. Each author wrote a tweet a day, for a week, users replied and their best tweets were further developed by them into stories. After that, all the stories were published on the website, and in the end, 40 of them were selected to form part of a special "digital collection" which may be consulted on the dedicated website  

"Comunicare, connettersi, vivere" reiterates and extends Telecom Italia’s mission: communication and life are amplified thanks to the connections that increasingly powerful and widespread infrastructure can nowadays provide. The digital transformation of networks, and the tools available for communication make the individual more and more the protagonist: every thought can reach millions of people throughout the world in fractions of a second, and can generate a wave of change, as well as intercept and support all the new developments and cultural revolutions, therefore not just the technological ones. A connected Italy is the first objective of Telecom Italia, in order to enable the Country to transform itself, to grow and share dreams, aspirations and plans.

Milan, 13 May 2014


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