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Telecom Italia at the 2014 PA Forum: Cloud, NFC and big data for digitalizing public administration

In the display area there will be an opportunity to discover the ICT solutions delivered in cloud mode thanks to Nuvola Italiana: from electronic invoicing to graphometric signature, from digital identity services to administrative and health certification.

Applications for an eco-sustainable "smart city" will also be presented: urban control and security systems and services designed for digital learning.

05/26/2014 - 12:40 PM

Telecom Italia, the main partner of the 2014 PA Forum to be held in Rome from 27 to 29 May, presents the Information & Communication Technology solutions designed for government and local authorities, which make it possible to increase efficiency, simplify processes, optimize costs and improve the quality of life of citizens, thanks also to the adoption of the cloud computing platform “Nuvola Italiana" (Italian Cloud) and of Olivetti solutions. The services offered, which make use of the most advanced technologies, from NFC to Big Data and cloud computing, range from electronic invoicing to graphometric signature, from digital identity authentication systems to health certification and to projects for supporting companies and institutions in the processes of cloud transformation. To favour the development of Smart Cities, solutions are also proposed for the monitoring and security of the urban environment, optimization of energy consumption, digital learning and the offer of advanced services to citizens through multimedia totems.

The area dedicated to "Digital Identity", will host a presentation of the authentication solution Trusted Identity, developed by Telecom Italia Digital Solutions, which will make it possible to convey the user's identity to public authorities in total security, using a dedicated app for smartphones and tablets to register with and securely access online public services and sign digital documents. Telecom Italia is also presenting the experimental solution Mobile Identity which uses mobile phones with new generation SIM Cards, enabled for NFC proximity technology, allowing identification and access to electronic signature applications simply by bringing the phone close to an enabled reader.

In the area dedicated to "digital PA" Telecom Italia presents "paperless" solutions and services created by Olivetti for the dematerialization of PA processes. Like the cloud solution Nuvola It Paperless Flow which allows public authorities and businesses to take the opportunity of digitalization and equip themselves with a service designed to minimize investments and optimize productivity without the need to modify their existing systems. The solution comprises modules for managing the documents and other formats which carry the content, dematerialization at the Customer's premises, substitute archiving with delegated responsibility and bulk sending of documents including by Certified Email (PEC); it also includes the service enabling the correct management of Electronic Invoicing relating both to the active cycle (sending of digital invoices by businesses to the Electronic Data Interchange EDI) and to the passive cycle (reception by the public authority of the digital invoices sent by the EDI) as well as storage in compliance with the law, allowing companies and the public authorities themselves to comply with the legislative obligations which will apply from 6 June 2014.

Some of the dematerialization services on show in the "Digital PA" will be integrated with Nuvola It Digisign, an advanced electronic signature solution which enables documents to be signed digitally, applying the various signature protocols provided for by the Digital Administration Code (Biometric Digital Signature and Advanced Electronic Signature).  Using the new Olivetti graphometric tablets such as the Olipad W811, and the Nuvola It Digisign application in the mobile version, it will be possible to capture the autograph signatures of citizens and customers on the display, detecting all the physical parameters necessary to guarantee the uniqueness of the signature and the identity of the signers.

Within the sphere of solutions for the health sector, Olivetti also offers an application based on NFC technology, aimed at health authorities and hospitals, for checking the state of the equipment on ambulances and for monitoring inspections. The solution is run through a centralized web-based console and allows operators to certify their presence and activate checking procedures by bringing their smartphone close to the NFC tags located on the ambulance's equipment.

Olivetti also presents a solution which allows medical personnel and paramedics mobile access to patients' personal details and lets them view patients' health records on a tablet. The application is completed by Olivetti's biometric signature solution, which characterizes the Nuvola It Digisign offer and which allows medical personnel to certify prescriptions and lets patients sign the informed consent form on the spot.

Also  for signing the data processing consent form for compliance with the Privacy laws and for informed consent, Olivetti proposes the Graphos Kit, the innovative electronic signature solution aimed at public authorities' offices, complete with graphometric pad. The Graphos Kit can be used in conjunction with an Olivetti Oliscan A600 scanner, which can read the fields of an identity document and record them on the document to be signed.

In the “Digital Life & Smart Working” area, Telecom Italia presents for the first time the experimental CitySensing application, developed within the Joint Open Labs, which will show how the use of Big Data is capable of enabling efficient management of a smart city at the time of major events. In particular, through the innovative CitySensing software, the data flows created by inhabitants and visitors using their smartphones and mobile devices are anonymized, analysed and displayed to show a digital representation of the impact of major events on the urban environment.

Nuvola It Urban Security is the solution for contributing to and increasing the wellbeing and safety of the community, encouraging participation between law enforcement agencies, local organizations and citizens. It manages different types of services: the monitoring of air quality parameters; signalling, through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, the presence of environmental and urban decay conditions; and the communication of problems linked to road safety.

Nuvola It Message Cube is the Unified Communication solution which supplements the functions of email with advanced messaging services (fax, SMS), web collaboration and real time collaboration. The solution is modular and scalable, and makes it possible to configure and customize the services, adapting them to companies' needs. The platform also delivers what is specified by the CONSIP Framework Contract for supplying email and mail archiving services in the context of the Public Connectivity and Cooperation System (SPC).

Nuvola It Your Way is the application solution by Telecom Italia for managing fleets of commercial vehicles, enabling geolocation of the vehicles and of private fleets, with a cartographic representation of the vehicles' positions. It also uses remote monitoring of the devices and sensors on the vehicle to offer a complete range of functionalities for optimizing consumption and performance.

Visitors will also be able to discover the innovative mobile HD professional videoconferencing service Nuvola It IntoucHD which enables virtual meetings between users within and outside the company, integrating a range of different types of terminal in the same session (conference room equipment, PCs, tablets and smartphones). The service also uses LTE technology which allows data transmission with a download speed of up to 100 Mbit/s and an upload speed of 50 Mbit/s.

In the area dedicated to “Cloud Transformation” there will be specific demos to illustrate Telecom Italia's experience, both internal and alongside public authorities and companies, in projects connected with the development of data centers, its own and for customers. The spotlight will be on the vision and technological approach which supports the management of the complexity involved in the conversion of large customers' data centers into cloud architectures.

Some of the "ready to use" solutions which make up the portfolio of the Nuvola Italiana infrastructure offer will be illustrated, such as  Nuvola It Self Data Center, Nuvola It Hosting Enterprise and Nuvola It Data Space.  These solutions can also provide effective support for the managers of IT infrastructures within public authorities, by responding to the needs connected with handling processing peaks, rapid activation of new storage capacity and the possibility of hosting new applications. It will also be possible to discover Nuvola It Energreen, the Energy Management solution which makes it possible to monitor and manage the energy resources of customers' data rooms, giving priority to optimization and informed and sustainable use.

The Nuvola It Scuola Digitale offer, created by Telecom Italia  in collaboration with Olivetti, makes available the school management platform Olischool. Using Telecom Italia's data centers the platform delivers a range of customized services for schools such as an electronic register, communication with students and families, and sharing information on the web relating to non-attendance at school and performance in the classroom. The mobile application MySchool! makes it possible to access the functions offered by the service even on the move. Other solutions include the IWB in Class Kit, including the Olivetti Oliboard interactive whiteboard (IWB), designed for digital learning and teaching, and the Web Interactive Board (WIB) software for real-time sharing and interactive management of educational content.

Other innovative models of tablet PC will also be on show, such as the Olipad Graphos W810, for digital teaching, complete with software and equipped with keyboard and mouse, which are made available on particularly advantageous terms through the scheme providing schools with vouchers which can be spent for the benefit of their students and teachers.

There will also be a multimedia interactive totem created for the Digital Islands in Milan. This is a project in which Telecom Italia is playing a part, to provide the city with computerized technological areas set up for providing advanced services which will be developed in collaboration with Expo 2015 (for which Telecom Italia is an Official Global Partner) and the other partners involved.

Besides the management and delivery of multimedia information content, the new services may include, for example, reservation and purchase of tickets for events, requests for public authority certificates and access to bike sharing and electric quadbike services, offering the opportunity to experiment with innovative features that will be available at the exhibition in 2015.


Rome, 26 May 2014


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