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Telecom Italia: Cubolibri becomes timreading and upgrades with new content

The catalogue of the platform dedicated to digital publishing, which offers over 65 thousand titles, now also includes the magazines Gambero Rosso and those of Gruner und Jahr, including GEO and Focus

07/22/2014 - 11:15 AM

After TIMvision and TIMmusic, the rebranding continues for services for the distribution of digital content of Telecom Italia. From today the platform dedicated to publishing, Cubolibri, changes name and becomes TIMreading, enriched with new content.

At the TIMreading news stand, in addition to the major national newspapers, you can buy the guides and cookbooks of the Gambero Rosso and - in single copy and subscription - also the magazines Gambero Rosso and Gambero Rosso wine travel food (in English) and those of the Gruner und Jahr group: GEO, Focus, Focus Junior, Focus Storia, Focus Storia Collection, Focus Storia Wars, Focus D&R, Focus Extra and Focus Wild, which are added to the more than 65 thousand titles including eBooks and other magazines and newspapers in the catalogue.

It will be possible to browse the proposals of TIMreading from Android and Apple tablets after downloading the TIMreading app or via a PC with the free Adobe Digital Edition program.

A single copy of the Gambero Rosso magazines is affordable starting from 2.69 Euro, the subscription for six months from 11.99 and for a year from 24.99 Euro. TIMreading will also provide complimentary distribution of the magazine Sua Eccellenza Italia. Instead, a single copy of the Gruner und Jahr magazines can be purchased starting from 3.59 Euro and a subscription for 1 month from 1.99 Euro and for 1 year from 9.99 Euro.   

On readers have access to a large and constantly updated catalogue in Italian of the main authors, even foreigners, of the most important publishing houses including Mondadori, RCS, GEMS, Newton Compton, Zanichelli, De Agostini, in addition to major national newspapers and magazine. Titles can be purchased from PC, tablet and smartphone. On TIMreading you can choose different payment methods: Telecom Italia and TIM telephone bill or remaining credit for TIM customers, or credit card of the most popular circuits. 

Rome, 22 July 2014


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