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Telecom Italia: first “live” test in Italy of Advanced LTE Technology on the TIM network

Today in Turin, for the first time in Italy, people can experience the evolutionary potential of Telecom Italia's 4G mobile network, which allows a mobile connection speed of up to 180 Megabits per second

Also available to the public are prototypes of new LTE dongles for mobile use of HD 4K multimedia content

07/24/2014 - 02:40 PM

Today in Turin the first ever “live” test  in Italy open to the public of Advanced LTE technology on TIM's 4G network. This new technology allows for data downloading at a "real" transmission speed of up to 180 Mbit/s, which is about double the currently available on Italian mobile networks. This level of performance, which allows for use of HD services and multimedia content with an image quality up to 4K, is made possible by “carrier aggregation”, a technological solution which combines and optimises two different frequency bands - in this case 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz - to offer particularly fluid and stable Internet navigation. In the future, it will be possible to implement more band aggregations to create even faster connections, which are not permitted by current LTE standards and by frequencies available to acquired licences.   

After a year of laboratory development, TIM's Advanced LTE technology is now a reality and it is available to the public on an experimental basis. From today until 31 July, for the first time in Italy, it will be possible to experience the evolutionary power of the 4G network at stations set up in the TIM sales point in Via Roma no. 18 in Turin. Thanks to prototypes of new LTE dongles, it will possible to test TIM's high speed mobile services, such as HD films streaming  from TIMVision, using on demand content and surfing the Web with performance levels superior to current ones in Italy.

Thanks to the technological partnership with Huawei, Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Telecom Italia is making Advanced LTE technology available from various radio-based stations throughout Italy, starting with the major cities and guaranteeing use across the country.

This initial launch of services based on Advanced LTE technology, which is a preview of the official launch coming in the next few months, is part of Telecom Italia's commitment to a national 4G network, of which TIM is the leader, due to its existing coverage that now reaches 812 Italian cities and 56% of the population. The company's plan is to reach 80% of the population by 2016, thereby giving a considerable contribution to the objectives set by the European Digital Agenda.

This initiative is part of Telecom Italia's latest national 3.4-billion euros investment plan dedicated exclusively to new generation technologies, of which 900 million euros will be for mobile ultra broadband. This investment confirms the company's commitment to creating modern networks that offer new and technologically evolved services.

Today's launch – says Roberto Opilio, Telecom Italia's Technology Director - once again demonstrates  our ability to innovate, confirming our leadership in research and development in mobile networks. With Advanced LTE, we want to make a faster and more reliable infrastructure available to our clients, which will respond to the growing demand for mobile broadband and the use of innovative services and applications. This way, TIM's clients can navigate the Internet with higher performance and higher quality, using mobile multimedia content in both Full HD and 4K format”.

Turin, 24 July  2014


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