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Expo 2015 and Telecom Italia: presentation of the "belvedere in città"project in the new TIM4Expo space at the triennale

From September, anyone can follow the progress of construction work at the Universal Exposition site. Every week, videos shot by drones flying over the future Expo site can be seen at the Expo Gate, which will be the city's "belvedere"(viewpoint) of the Expo site, and on the web pages and social channels of Expo 2015 and Telecom Italia.

The new multifunctional space, called TIM4Expo, has been inaugurated at the Triennale to showcase the innovations, services and solutions designed for the Universal Exposition

07/25/2014 - 12:15 PM

The Belvedere in Città project was presented at the Triennale di Milano today. It will allow to follow the progress of construction work at the Expo 2015 site thanks to videos shot by drones. 

The initiative was illustrated today by Piero Galli, Event Management General Director of Expo 2015, and by Sandro Dionisi, Engineering & TI Lab Manager for Telecom Italia.

The Belvedere in Città project will begin in September and allowto follow the final phases of the work through aerial images of the site that will be broadcast at the Expo Gate and on the websites and social channels of Expo 2015 and Telecom Italia. 

The drones have six high-powered electric engines and are controlled by an electronic on-board system that can keep the devices stable even in adverse weather conditions. Each device has a GPS system that can hold it in place to film in flight. It has a stabilised frame that is protected from vibrations and can host video cameras, cameras, infrared sensors and other systems to detect environmental features. The system has a video transmission that can visualise ground images shot by the on-board video camera and allows for the correct composition of takes.

The Belvedere in Città initiative was illustrated during the inauguration of the new TIM4Expo multifunctional space set up at the Triennale by Expo Milano 2015 and Telecom Italia in collaboration with Samsung to showcase the innovations, services and solutions that the two Official Global Partners of the Universal Exposition have created for the Digital Smart City at Expo. Also present at the event were Dae Hyun Kim, Chairman of Samsung Electronics Italia (the company that supplied the technology used in the TIM4Expo space) and Claudio De Albertis, Chairman of the Triennale di Milano.

TIM4Expo is a 120-square-metre space that will be a meeting place for all partners and can be used to host exhibitions, cultural events and events focusing on food, sustainability and the excellence of Italian design and production. It is a technological showcase, a place for information and experimentation, which will allow for the discovery and sharing of the entire digital eco-system of Expo Milano 2015 and to envision major innovative solutions that will be used in the future.

Milan, 25 July  2014


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