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Telecom Italia Digital Solutions is setting up new partnerships to boost the M2M market

09/12/2014 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia Digital Solutions, a company in the Telecom Italia Group created with the aim of leading the digital transformation of its customers' business processes, has signed two important partnership agreements with Jasper Technologies and Ericsson to create a new Machine-to-Machine platform that will allow the development and consolidation of its presence on a strongly growing market.

In particular, Jasper’s cloud-based M2M/IoT service platform, which automates the delivery and management of mobile services to all types of connected devices, will be interconnected with the Telecom Italia mobile network.  The Jasper Platform was selected because it gives customers the real-time visibility and control they need to launch, manage and scale their connected businesses over time. It can also be easily configured to meet the specialized requirements, processes and business models of companies in any industry. The possibility to develop an offer profile in real time and provide invoicing capabilities will enable significant time to market reduction for the new offers of Telecom Italia Digital Solutions.

In order to extend its reference market with greater pervasiveness and consolidated position as End-to End Solution Provider, both on an international and national level, Telecom Italia Digital Solutions plans to also deploy the Ericsson Device Connection Platform (DCP) for the strong flexibility to address the B2B2C model of the growing connected electronic devices market.

This multiplatform configuration will allow Telecom Italia Digital Solutions to offer the maximum technical and commercial flexibility on the global market for the definition of dedicated offer solutions in the M2M & Internet of Things market and in particular in the automotive, connected car and manufacturing sectors and with regards solutions connected to smart cities, smart automation, domotics and metering. Furthermore, the synergic use of two platforms Best In Class on the market will strengthen the cooperation of Telecom Italia Digital Solutions with the international partners of the GMA (Global M2M Association) alliance.

Ericsson has been also appointed to support the integration process for both platforms, ensuring fast time to market.

Rome, 12 september 2014


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