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Telecom Italia to be awarded on its 75 years International Telecommunication Union’s support

05/18/2015 - 01:30 PM

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) – the United Nations agency for the integration and diffusion of new technologies founded in Paris in 1865 – celebrated its 150th anniversary yesterday in Geneva.

ITU celebrated this important goal by awarding the institutions, ICT industry, academia, and civil society that supported it in this mission; among these, Telecom Italia has been awarded on its 75 years International Telecommunication Union’s support (since 1925) as member that has contributed to improving lives of world citizens through ICT innovations.

During the event, annually and worldwide celebrated as World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, several panel discussions on innovation and sustainability took place with forward-looking international politicians and UN members, together with eminent laureates and ICT industry’s movers and shakers. The awards were given to distinguished personalities such as Bill Gates and Robert Kahn (TCP-IP co-inventor), Thomas Wiergand (Fraunhofer’s director) and Mark I. Krivocheev (among TV standards’ forerunners), Martin Cooper (mobile’s inventor) and Ken Sakamura (web video encoding methods’ creator).


Rome, 18th May 2015


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