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Telecom Italia brings Fibre Optic to Homes in Reggio Calabria

The initiative is part of the new national cabling plan in FTTH (Fiber To The Home) technology, communicated to the Ministry of Economic Development, which plans to cover 100 cities by March 2018

07/10/2015 - 01:30 PM

Telecom Italia accelerates with ultra-broadband in Reggio Calabria and brings fibre optics to homes, allowing super-fast connections from 100 Megabits per second (and potentially up to 1 Giga) that guarantee even higher quality in the use of HD video content and a better browsing experience. The initiative is part of the new national cabling plan in FTTH (Fibre To The Home) technology, communicated to the Ministry of Economic Development through Infratel, which plans to reach 100 cities by March 2018.

With the adoption of the new infrastructure development program of the fibre optic network in the country using the FTTH network architecture, with which the laying of the fibre goes beyond road cabinets directly reaching homes and offices, Telecom Italia aims to give further impetus to the country's digitalisation processes and facilitate the achievement of the objectives set by the Digital Agenda. This action is thus in addition to the national development plan, which already sees Telecom Italia committed in the realization of the NGAN (Next Generation Access Network) in FTTCab (Fibre to the Cabinet) technology, with the goal of reaching 75% of the population by 2017

Existing infrastructure will be used to lay the fibre optic cables and, in case of excavations, innovative low environmental impact equipment and techniques will be used that reduce work time, work site area, ground broken, material removed, paving impairment and consequently road repairs to a minimum.

By creating increasingly advanced ultrabroadband infrastructure, Telecom Italia has confirmed its commitment to innovating at local level and disseminating the services enabled by these solutions, thus contributing to the sustainable growth of the local economy and to improving quality of life for citizens.

Further information on the Telecom Italia network at http://telecomitalia.com/rete.

Reggio Calabria, 10 July 2015


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