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Telecom Italia and Indra: agreement signed for the joint development of innovative solutions and services in the field of "Internet of things" and smart solutions

The initiative aims to support the activities in the Foundry of Telecom Italia to create a digital ecosystem through the experimentation and realization of innovative solutions for the consumer and business market

05/28/2015 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia and Indra have signed a three-year collaboration agreement to jointly develop innovative solutions in the field of the Internet of Things and smart solutions.
The partnership aims to realize services for smart retail stores and an ecosystem of applications for smart cities, sustainable mobility and smart energy to improve the quality of life of citizens.

The agreement was signed at the headquarters of Indra in Madrid, by Alfonso Mariconda, Head of Foundry & Project Management of Telecom Italia, by Cristina Ruíz Ortega, Director General of Indra and Ángel Luis Vizoso, Telecommunications Director of Indra.

The projects will be conducted within the Foundry, "the workshop" of innovation of Telecom Italia where, together with selected partners, the most innovative solutions that will underlie the next TIM offers in the field of digital life are identified, experimented and developed.

Specifically, Telecom Italia will be responsible for defining, experimenting, testing and evaluating services on Indra platforms, conveying the solutions developed in conjunction with the consumer and business markets in which it operates. At the same time, Indra will act as provider of the solutions and technology services, providing its expertise in the design and integration of smart solutions and Internet of Things; Indra will also ensure interoperability of its solutions with systems and networks of Telecom Italia.

“The important agreement signed with Indra – said Mario Di Mauro, Head of Strategy & Innovation of Telecom Italia – renews the commitment of Telecom Italia in the creation of new services concepts for its customers. It is a research model that the company has already started with other industry leading
selected partners in order to strengthen joint activities for the creation of centres of excellence in Italy dedicated to the experimentation and co-development of innovative solutions”.

Fabrizio Ceschini, Telecommunications Director of Indra in Italy, said: “Thanks to the new paradigm of the Foundry of Telecom Italia, this agreement will allow exploiting respective experience, cloud infrastructure and professional skills to create new services that can be offered directly to the market, significantly
reducing time-to-market, development costs and introducing new business models”.

Rome/Madrid, 28 May 2015


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