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TIM partner of Dig Data, the section of the Dig Award devoted to data journalism

The DIG award, formerly known as the "Ilaria Alpi" prize, is one of the most prestigious awards for investigative journalism

07/24/2015 - 01:30 PM

For the first time ever, TIM has chosen to partner DIG DATA, the section of the DIG AWARD dedicated to data journalism; the contest is for the best investigative journalism works ( Formerly the Ilaria Alpi, the DIG Award is one of the most prestigious awards available in the sector.

The journalists taking part in the DIG Data section will be assessed on the analysis of data collected and its viewing through the development of web applications, infographics and interactive content.  The originality of the work and its social relevance will be considered in particular. On the basis of these assessments, a prize of 2 thousand euros will then be assigned, thanks to the partnership with TIM.

TIM plays a key role in the ecosystem of innovation and in the promotion of the digital culture. This is borne out by our investments into fixed and mobile ultrabroadband networks, the converging offers we make to our customers and all the initiative and projects we support. DIG DATA is one of these projects”, underlines Paolo Priolo, Head of Brand Development Projects for Telecom Italia. “For us, data journalism is one of the most successful examples of technology at the service of information; it is a new, effective way of interpreting and describing reality, the concrete demonstration of what digital can do to help improve people's lives, making them more aware and informed”.


The jury consists of Carlotta Ventura, Group Senior Vice President Brand Strategy and Media for Telecom Italia, Matteo Scanni, Chairman of the DIG association and responsible for the journalism school of Cattolica University, and Gavin MacFadyen, Manager of the Centre for Investigative Journalism. The prize will be awarded on Saturday 5 September 2015, as part of the Riccione Journalism Days..


DIG Award is an international journalism contest created to support the professionals pursuing the search for the truth and seeking to value the work of all freelancers. Reserved to journalism projects and works covering matters of social, economic and political relevance, the prize is assigned through a contest structured into different sections. DIG Data and DIG Award are organised by the DIG Association (Documentari Inchieste Giornalismi).


Milan, 24 July 2015


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