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TIM Ventures: Club Italia Investmenti 2 has invested 150,000 euros in Crowdway, a startup for real time analysis of big data in financial markets

09/21/2015 - 09:15 AM

TIM Ventures, a company of the Telecom Italia Group set up to make seed investments in the digital world, has completed its entry into the share capital of the innovative startup Crowdway, with a total investment of 150,000 euros along with CLUB ITALIA INVESTMENTI 2.

Crowdway is a fintech start-up that offers private entities and institutions the chance to receive exclusive information regarding financial markets through the real time analysis of the conduct of thousands of traders negotiating on the stock market. Thanks to its proprietary algorithm based on the analysis of enormous quantities of data (Big Data Analysis), the Crowdway platform offers users the opportunity to use Crowd Trading, i.e. data coming from a large number of traders, for their stock market activities.  Crowdway was selected by TIM #Wcap, TIM's enterprise accelerator, in 2014. The start-up will complete the development of its platform thanks to the TIM Ventures investment.

Mario Di Mauro, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Telecom Italia and CEO of TIM Ventures, said: "The work of TIM Ventures in support of the Italian venture industry is proceeding quickly with investments in the best digital start-ups. With the entry into Crowdway, a fintech start-up based on an original Big Data Analysis application, there are now ten digital companies directly financed by TIM Ventures in less than one year of activity."


TIM is the single brand name of the Telecom Italia Group offering fixed and mobile telephone services, internet, digital content and cloud services.  TIM, the enabler of the most innovative information and communication technology, is accompanying Italy towards its objective of total digitalisation by creating an ultrabroadband network infrastructure and disseminating latest generation services.


Rome, 21 September 2015


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