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TIM Sustainability Report: measuring the social value

In 2015 the company's activities generated 9 billion euros of Social Value

06/07/2016 - 12:05 PM

TIM, the main player in the process of digitising the country, presented its 2015 Sustainability Report to Borsa Italiana in Milan today. The event was attended by Giuseppe Recchi, Executive Chairman of TIM, Raffaele Jerusalmi, CEO of Borsa Italiana and Director of Capital Markets of the London Stock Exchange Group, and representatives from the world of finance, research and entrepreneurship.

TIM is supporting the sustainable growth of the country's economy and the improvement in the quality of life of citizens, particularly with a view to creating shared social value. Surpassing the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, TIM has in fact adopted the Corporate Shared Value model with the aim of integrating the economic results with the social progress created through its business activities.   An innovative process to address the corporate strategic choices and measure their performance in financial and other terms.

In TIM’s Sustainability Report 17 projects have been identified in the strategic areas of the company’s activities such as digitisation, connectivity and social innovation, the digital culture and environmental protection, and the most representative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the business and of the related social impact have been identified. The overall value generated for the year 2015 by the projects selected has been estimated as over 12 billion euros, comprised of around 3.3 billion euros of Business Value and over 9 billion euros of Social Value with a positive impact of half a GDP percentage point.

Specifically, the social economic value is comprised of 2,755 million euros as a direct economic support to the families of employees (salaries, nursery bonuses and patent development awards); 1,437 million euros as indirect financial support for the chain of suppliers; 4,294 million euros distributed to suppliers (including the construction of the Network), universities and research bodies; 670 million euros of economic growth in the country generated by the use of TIM's ultrabroadband network. Finally, 7 million euros of social costs were avoided due to lower air pollution thanks to internal energy efficiency projects: in 2015 CO2 emissions into the atmosphere were reduced by 37,000 tonnes.

Starting this year, the 2015 Sustainability Report presents an innovative multimedia tool, a site for immediate use which provides several reading levels: informative, with the presentation of the projects selected, and a more technical one allowing consultation of the individual KPIs through a dedicated search engine.  A tool that allows stakeholders to check the contribution sustainability can make to the company’s economic results and the community in terms of social value.

The Sustainability Report has been drawn up in compliance with the GRI-G4 Standard, Comprehensive option, the most comprehensive level of disclosure of reporting on the sustainability performances. For the twelfth consecutive year TIM is confirmed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the World (DJSI World) and Europe (DJSI Europe).

TIM is a member of the Shared Value Initiative (SVI), the association established by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer which promotes the shared value strategy, according to which companies develop their business in response to social needs.


Milan, 07 June 2016


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