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TIM opens the “millimeter Wave Lab” in Turin

The new lab, the first one hosted by a TLC operator in Europe, enables the testing of new technologies  supporting and increasing 5G next generation mobile networks’ performance and capacity

08/31/2016 - 10:23 AM

TIM, the first telecommunications operator in Europe to develop a Lab for millimeter Wave testing – opens in Turin the “millimeter Wave Lab", dedicated to a key technology of the next generation 5G network.

The “millimeter Wave Lab” will  work to test and develop new high frequencies and new antenna systems to be exploited by new ultrabroadband wireless networks in order to deliver the performances required by new applications.

The “mmW Lab” is located in Turin and features two state-of-the-art measurement setups:  a Far-Field Compact Antenna Test Range and a Spherical Near-Field Test Range, to evaluate and optimize very high frequencies, from 6 GHz to 100 GHz (the so called millimeter Waves).  The best technologies will be identified in this way to increase the capacity of new mobile networks delivering transmission speeds up to dozens of Gbit/s.

The new Lab will also contribute to international research projects’ development and will start cooperation with key technological partners able to accelerate 5G new equipment’s availability.  

With this initiative TIM confirms once again its technological leadership and commitment on 5G study, development and standard definition, with several trial initiatives on 5G enabling technologies already under way. TIM is also continuing  to develop models and tools for radio coverage simulation, anticipating  its potential’s  evaluation and paving the way for actual deployment.


“5G will support a new range of services and application able to support the digitalization of the economy, with a special focus on Internet of Things and “Vertical Markets” (trasportation, logistic, automotive, health, manufacturing, energy, media, entertainment) - declared Gabriela Styf Sjoman, Head of Engineering &TILab of TIM – To support all these applications a strong capacity and performance increase of the wireless network is required. Very high frequencies and innovative antenna systems are among the main building blocks of 5G. The new Lab opened in Torino will allow us to understand, develop and exploit these new technologies, and to cooperate with key international partner to accelerate equipment availability”.


Rome, 31 August 2016


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