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Telecom Italia leader of the TLC sector for the best on-line corporate communication in the Webranking Europe 2015 ranking

With a score of 86.6 out of 100, the Group has also taken second place in the general ranking of Europe's 500 major companies, confirming the commitment to on-line dialogue with its stakeholders.

04/27/2016 - 05:45 PM

Telecom Italia is absolute leader in Europe in the TLC sector for digital corporate communication in the Webranking Europe 2015 ranking drawn up by Comprend in collaboration with Lundquist.

With a score of 86.6 out of 100, Telecom Italia also takes second place in the general ranking that assesses the 500 largest European companies in terms of market capitalisation.

The research, now at its nineteenth edition, analysed and rewarded the quality of on-line financial and institutional communication - on the web and social media - through 100 objective criteria relative to aspects of contents and technology, updated each year on the basis of stakeholder needs (analysts, investors, journalists and communication managers) from all over Europe.

Telecom Italia has been appreciated for the new methods used to present contents, through a more extensive use of infographics and videos to support the business strategy, storytelling intended for professionals and the general public and integrated communication between the institutional website and social media. Telecom Italia has also been recognised as our country’s first company to abandon the interactive financial statements as a replica of the annual financial statements, in order to create a narrative type digital version.

Telecom Italia sees this as a significant confirmation of its continued commitment to excellence in communication and a strengthening of its digital reputation.


Rome, 27 April 2016


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